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This Specialized Accessory Mount Kit is designed to work with several Specialized stems and integrated handlebar systems. Either stem or bar must have a mounting plate or zone that allows you secure the accessory mount safely. For example, the S-Works SL Stem will not work with this kit, but the S-Works Tarmac SL Stem features a stem faceplate with recessed inner surface and an oval gap in the face plate. This allows you the internal clearance to attach the Accessory Mount Kit without damaging the handlebar. The vertical oval allows you to subtly adjust the height and angle of the mount itself once it is in place.

The great news is Specialized is offering this kit with an array of insert options for products from Garmin, Wahoo, GoPro, Polar, Cat Eye, Joule, Mio, and Bryton. You get all the hardware and fittings you need for a sturdy aluminum accessory mount that gives you the equipment versatility you need.

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  • Versatile Specialized accessory mount designed for specific stems and integrated handlebars for mounting off the front via a recessed stem faceplate or direct mount set-up
  • Features inserts and parts for: Garmin, Wahoo, GoPro, Polar, Cat Eye, Joule, Mio, and Bryton
  • The GoPro style mount has been adopted by several lighting systems
  • Aluminum mount with stainless steel hardware
  • Specialized # S219900020
  • Color: Black
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