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Nutrition Supplements

There is no faster or healthier way to prevent muscle burn and next-day soreness than taking SportLegs. It is patented as well as legal and proven in international competition. It has been used to help win five consecutive Cross-Country mountain bike titles and two consecutive World Masters Time-Trial championships. It works by raising blood lactate ahead of time, replicating the natural signal your muscles obey to stop excessive lactic acid production. It is efficient to use because you only need to take it on days that you are planning to ride. Return to Top

  • Patented, legal, and proven
  • 120 capsule, 40 serving bottle
  • No better way to prevent muscle burn and next-day soreness
  • Very gentle on the stomach - can be taken on an empty stomach
  • Only needed on days that you ride - works one hour after you take it
  • Contains natural-source lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium balanced with vitimin D
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