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Cyclists all over the world have become fans and dedicated users of Squirt® Long Lasting Chain Lube. This 4oz is our best selling size and ideal for home, travel or vehicle practicality. An in-ride, or minimalist 0.5oz size is also available, as is a 17oz bottle for regular at-home users who keep a few bikes rolling and prefer the best volume value. Squirt is what every cyclist wants: a long-lasting dry chain lube that does not gather dirt. Squirt considers this the first successful biodegradable wax/water emulsion containing as much wax as needed to last for the duration of a marathon ride. It prolongs the life of your drivetrain by reducing friction while improving shifting and reducing irritating dry chain noise. No degreasing is required for repeat use. If needed, your chain can be cleaned with a clean, dry brush.

Squirt is biodegradable and contains selected waxes performing different functions in a creamy emulsion. It runs at very low resistance, delivering exceptional efficiency due to it's blend of ingredients. When applied to the chain it dries, leaving a microfilm of wax that is dry and water repelling. It does not attract dust or debris and stays clean. Unlike oil-based lubricants, Squirt does not form a black paste that can cause long-term damage to a drivetrain. It stays clean in all conditions, making it ideal for road, triathlon, gravel, mountain biking (of all disciplines), commuting and cyclocross.

De-greasing is not necessary when you’ve been using Squirt Long Lasting Chain Lube. It does not form a black build-up like oils that traps dirt to accelerate chain wear. It does not smudge and stays dry. Brush off with dry brush if needed and remove occasional build-up from rear derailleur wheels with a toothpick. When you start hearing a dry chain noise, re-application is already due. In wet, muddy conditions it will not last as long as in dry-dust free conditions. If you expect to be riding in wet conditions, lube your chain the day before if possible. From the very start of Squirt Long Lasting Chain Lube use, completely remove factory grease and other lubricants from your chain using a degreaser. Rinse your chain with clean water and let it dry. With this initial application, follow the use instructions on the bottle, then repeat after 5 minutes.

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  • First successful biodegradable wax/water emulsion containing as much wax as needed to last for the duration of a marathon ride
  • Prolongs the life of your drivetrain by reducing friction
  • Excellent for wet & dry conditions for virtually all cycling disciplines
  • Stays clean, is easily reapplied as needed once proper first application has been made
  • Reduces chain noise & risk of chain-suck
  • For use on all bicycle chain types
  • Biodegradable, PFAS-free, Solvent-free
  • Squirt Long Lasting Chain lube was recently rated as the best overall chain lube by bikerumor.com.
  • Size: 17oz drip bottle
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