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SRAM has made a tremendous effort to simply bottom bracket systems and standards for their new crankset system. No one wants yet another standard, but by making a system that features one crank spindle diameter and BB cup options for most of today's framesets, SRAM has at the least looked forward and backward in developing the Durable Unified Bottom Bracket system, or thankfully, DUB. The key to the system is a single spindle diameter that fits a traditional threaded bottom bracket shell, and is still oversized enough to add stiffness while keeping weight low for PF30 and BB30 shells. Amazingly enough this diameter is 28.99mm. With this design and improved bearing quality, you get all the benefit and simplicity of a threaded bottom bracket option, or press-in cups, for all new SRAM DUB cranksets.

DUB has become the new SRAM MTB crank standard, but SRAM will continue to support GXP and BB30 set-ups. DUB does afford SRAM the ability to offer the system from the aforementioned 68/73mm BSC threaded shells, larger press fit options and even widths way out to fat, snow, and e-bike crank set-ups. In addition to bearing improvement, SRAM developed a whole new seal set-up that effectively protects the bearings from any infiltration. The threaded DUB has machined aluminum cups, while the press fit options use a steel for additional stiffness and strength for these larger shells. All in all DUB not only makes sense in simplicity, but offers tangible benefits in weight reduction when combined with DUB spindle cranksets. There will always be new standards, but SRAM is well positioned to utilize DUB in nearly every conceivable option. Kudos!

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  • Unified bottom bracket system for SRAM DUB 28.99mm crank spindles
  • Improved bearing and seal technology ensures long life
  • Cup options for many frame designs, even for fat and e-bikes
  • Developed to allow SRAM to reduce need for both BB30 and GXP cranksets
  • Has become true new standard for SRAM MTB crank systems
  • Threaded cups are machined aluminum, press fit from steel
  • Options: BB30 73, English Threaded 100mm , English Threaded 68/73, PF MTB 41mm x 121mm, PF30 MTB 73mm, PF BB86.5mm, PF MTB 89/92mm, PF BB386 Non-Threaded
  • Color: Black
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