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The investment you make in incredible mountain performance exposes high tech components such as carbon fiber crank arms to potential, or likely, damage from ground contact. But you wouldn't want to go without the power, performance, and light weight of your Eagle Crank Arms. Still, there is no need to sacrifice the viability of the ends of your crankarms. SRAM offers these Crank Arm Guards to ease the suffering and protect your equipment. Such a simple item, but for only $10, these injection-molded guards have been shaped to perfectly slip onto the ends of your crank arms and are incredibly effective.

Simply install the guards on the end of the crank arms, then install your pedals. Done. Simple, fast, and effective. Spare your Eagle crank arms from the inevitable pedal/crank arm strikes that are simply a fact of life in mountain biking. If you are concerned about the minimal weight, but all means feel free to remove them for race day, but seriously, you won't even bother.

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  • One pair of slide-on crank arm guards for SRAM Eagle crank arms of any length
  • Injection molded for a perfect fit, with pass-through holes for pedal and tools
  • Protect your carbon crank investment from scratches and dents from pedal strikes
  • Preserves equipment integrity and as an added bonus- resale value
  • Color: Black
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