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Small Parts Brake

TRP's flat mount adapters are compatible with TRP and most Shimano flat mount disc brake calipers. The PF-6 is the rear version, and allows you add the proper spacing to run a 160mm caliper on a standard frame hole/height design. The standard flat mount frame set-up is designed for direct 140mm caliper use. By adding the PF-6, you can run most calipers with a 160mm rotor. Made with aluminum, and anodized black for corrosion prevention, the PF-6 has precision drilled holes for both the frame, and the necessary chamfered holes for mounting the caliper (which is mounted before mounting the PF-6 to the frame). Hardware is included for both, though your specific frame and caliper may have other length requirements.

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  • Flat mount disc brake adapter to allow for use of 160mm rotors with a 140mm designed brake caliper on frame stays with a standard 140mm flat mount set-up
  • Most frames and calipers are designed for the smallest size rotor, 140mm; requiring an adapter
  • The rear only TRP PF-6 is compatible with all TRP flat mount calipers and most Shimano versions as well
  • Machined aluminum with precision drilled frame holes as well as chamfered caliper mount screws
  • Includes frame mount and caliper mount screws optimized for TRP calipers
  • Some frame stays may require different mounting bolts
  • Adapter size: 140 to 160mm
  • Finish: Anodized Black (with white markings)
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