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If you favor feel over power, or if you ride in dry conditions over wet, then organic compound pads are for you. Or, if you prefer durability or ride in wet or muddy conditions, go for sintered pads. The organic SRAM Guide / XO Trail Disc brake pads are great for XC riders or pure Trail riders who don't need to sit on the brakes too much. Organic pads deliver great feel and decent power, but can wear quickly on long downhill runs. If you tend to ride your brakes a bit, choose the sintered metal version. The same can be said for smaller or lighter riders versus large or heavy riders. We love organic pads, but sintered pads have are just recommended for wet weather, they are required. Organic is quieter and feels smoother, with more modulation capability than sintered. But let's face it, your pads need to match the conditions, as well as your riding style, and body type.

The pad set includes two pads, spring, and retainer bolt. These pads have been optimized for Guide brakes with the Centerline rotor, but also fit and work well with XO Trail brakes.

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  • Replacement disc brake pads for SRAM Guide / XO Trail brakes
  • Includes pads, spring, and bolt and bolt retainer clip
  • Organic compound ideal for dry conditions
  • Delivers excellent feel and enhances modulation
  • Best suited for XC/Trail riding that doesn't include long downhill braking
  • Sintered pads are great for all-conditions, and required when wet
  • A sintered pad may be louder and offer different feel, delivers sure braking/ durability
  • One pad set required per disc caliper
  • Options: Steel-backed Sintered, Steel-backed Organic
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