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SRAM's road hydraulic disc braking systems deliver consistent power and excellent feel or modulation. Both hold especially true in dry conditions with the organic resin compound pads. Resin pads tend to be quieter, and offer better initial stopping power than sintered metal pads, making the organic compound a favorite of road riders who can count on dry weather. If rain, mud, ice or snow are present, sintered in the only way to go. The pads are easy to change, with a drop-in system featuring a spring carrier for perfect alignment. A pin firmly holds the pads in place.

Both a new spring and pin come with every SRAM Road Disc Brake Pad set. This model will fit all SRAM road disc hydraulic brakes. Always have a spare set on hand, and regularly check your pads for wear. If you ride in wet conditions, or do considerable, regular descending, you may opt for sintered metal pads, which aren't affected by the wet, better manage heat, and are have more longevity than the organic resin compound.

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  • Replacement pad set for SRAM's road hydraulic disc brakes
  • Set includes two pads, spring retaining clip, pin
  • Steel backing plate delivers stiffness during piston pressure
  • One set required for each brake caliper
  • Organic resin pads are quiet, ideal for dry conditions, not be used in wet conditions
  • Sintered metal compound more durable, good for all weather, louder, less feel
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