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The Paceline rotors from SRAM are designed for road use, including racing events which require a rounded edge design. The rounded edge is deemed safer in potential multiple rider bike crashes. Hopefully power and control of SRAM's HRD road disc braking system when used with the Paceline rotors will keep you out of such incidents.

The stainless steel rotors are not truly round, and have a dual vent system around the circumference. This is the Paceline's vent design and not only do the vents help to reduce heat, but also serve to pass more quietly against the pads under contact, regardless of the weather conditions. Keep in mind that SRAM's organic pads are always going to be a bit quieter, while metallic based pads may offer more durable but be more susceptible no noise.

This Center Lock model is a 2-piece design with an aluminum spider design attached via pins to the rotor itself. The use of aluminum reduces weight and allows for precision machining for the Center Lock disc rotor mount interface. The Paceline does not come with a Center Lock lock ring, but is available in 140 and 160 mm sizes.

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  • Rounded edge steel rotor optimal for road race and general road use
  • Paceline vented brake track helps reduce heat, noise
  • Center Lock rotor interface version (lockring not included)
  • 2-piece design: stainless steel rotor pinned to machined aluminum spider
  • Designed to be effective with all pad compounds
  • Sizes: 140mm, 160mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 158 grams (160mm)
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