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Need brake ferrules for your home mechanic set-up? SRAM's Pit Stop collection of shop and consumer supplies is a great resource for quality bits and pieces you require for regular bike maintenance. Brake ferrules are essential to proper compression and maintenance of cable braking systems (rim brake or mechanical disc). Ferrules slide over the cut ends of 5mm brake housing where it enters a frame stop, or in some cases where the manufacturer does not use an integrated design, into the brake itself. Excel Sports has always made such small service parts a major aspect of our identity, and we manually package reasonable quantities for your needs. In this case a pack of 10. Sure, you could buy 100 or 200, but how many dedicated home mechanics will ever use 50, let alone 100?

These 5mm ferrules are brass, with a black finish, and what is referred to an Open exit hole for the exposed cable. The "nosed" variety works for cables that have a liner coating, to shield the cable in a closed system. The Pit-Stop 5mm "Open" ferrules will work with virtually all current standard SRAM, Shimano and Jagwire 5mm brake housing and cables. Just make sure your housing is 5mm, cut a clean end, slide on and seat the ferrule on the housing and place in frame stop.

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  • Open-type (generally considered the standard option) brake ferrules from SRAM Pit-Stop collection
  • Made from brass, used in frame cable stops, these provide a properly cut 5mm housing end a firm, flat surface to ensure proper brake cable compression
  • Essential for all cable actuated mechanical brake systems- rim or disc
  • Works with virtually all standard 5mm brake housing from SRAM, Shimano and Jagwire
  • Color: Black
  • Sold as a pack of 10
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