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The SRAM Red Front Derailleur was once the weakest performing component in the Red drivetrain. Those days are long over, and with the development of eTap and subsequent chainring improvements, SRAM also made some improvements to the hugely popular and highly effective Yaw front derailleur for those who are having trouble justifying a "bike equity loan" or simply the silky feel of Red mechanical just fine, thank you.

By now most of you know the Yaw™ story. SRAM addressed the need for micro-shift adjustments (shifter trim) for chainline correction to make life simpler. Instead of simply moving back and forth with cable tension, the derailleur cage actually rotates to maintain a consistent angular relationship with the chain. This brilliant system came about after a series improvements to make the cage stiffer, with a better chain guide within the cage shape, and the spring tension more responsive to produce cleaner, faster shifts. Yaw just raised the stakes and ensured SRAM's top road group no longer had a weak point.

So why make changes? First of all, the changes are subtle, so don't worry that the engineers have overthought this. The power of the eTap front derailleur dictated thicker, stiffer chainrings, and the shift timing pins and ramps were adjusted as well. So the cage and shape of the mechanical version needed to accommodate those developments, as well take better advantage of them. The result is that front shifting with a full Red mechanical setup has improved yet again with more precision, and a smoother shift process. Combined the new derailleur with the Red crankset and X-GlideR™ chainrings, it delivers an unmatched performance advantage in front shifting.

And you don't sacrifice anything. The slim design and spring mechanism offers excellent frame clearance on any bike, and the integrated chain spotter prevents drop in the most extreme road conditions. As before, it is independently adjustable despite its integrative design, and yes, it is removable. Clear precision markings on the derailleur help ensure proper installation. The inner cage plate is steel for stiffness and durability, while the outer plate is aluminum to reduce weight, and the composite cage tail offers better wear with zero chain damage as well as quieting the shift process. All this in a package that weighs just under 80 grams for a braze-on type derailleur with the chain spotter. To match the current Red aesthetic you get the Falcon grey finish and subtle black anodization to offset the grey. Better shifting, better looking; just better.

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  • Red mechanical front derailleur with Yaw™ technology, optimized for new chainrings
  • SRAM Road 11-speed compatible (Red 22/ Force 22 shifters)
  • Yaw technology eliminates the need for shifter trim
  • Optimized for X-GlideR™ chainrings that feature new ramps, shift timing pins
  • Derailleur cage rotates to maintain consistent angular relationship with the chain
  • Aluminum outer cage, Tool steel inner cage, Composite tail
  • Slim spring design eliminates frame interference
  • Integrated chain spotter is removable and adjusts independently of the derailleur
  • Precision install markings
  • Includes inline barrel for simple cable tension adjustment
  • Finish: Falcon grey, black anodization
  • Option: Braze-on
  • Weight: 69g (braze-on), Chain spotter: 10.2g
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