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The SRAM RED AXS components are meticulously engineered to ensure a smooth and seamless riding experience. The front derailleur, in particular, boasts a redesigned architecture that facilitates swift and precise gear shifts across X-Range chainrings without any annoying rubbing or noise, offering SRAM's simplest setup yet. Transitioning gears with RED AXS is a breeze.

A pivotal enhancement to the RED AXS front derailleur involves streamlining the cage to expedite gear changes. This advancement is made possible by tailoring the design exclusively around disc brake rear spacing, eliminating the need to accommodate multiple hub widths. Leveraging Yaw technology, the cage moves in a divergent motion from the chainrings, preventing interference throughout all gear shifts. Moreover, the front derailleur autonomously adjusts its position during rear shifts to maintain silence and readiness for a front shift.

Setting up the front derailleur is effortless, thanks to a purpose-built tool developed alongside the RED AXS front derailleur. With one tool in red for chainring sizes ranging from 46/33 to 50/37 and another in green for 52/39 to 56/43, achieving optimal derailleur positioning for swift and accurate shifts is a simple process. Additionally, each FD is drilled with two bolt holes to accommodate all chainring sizes seamlessly.

To ensure maximum system rigidity, the RED AXS front derailleur incorporates a wedge mechanism to reinforce the frame's braze-on mount. Installing the derailleur is a hassle-free endeavor, with the tightening bolt for the wedge conveniently accessible from the outboard side of the FD, ensuring compatibility with various seat tube shapes.

As with all RED AXS components, the front derailleur is compatible with all 2x AXS disc brake drivetrains, offering an effortless upgrade path for smoother shifting performance. Please note: The SRAM eTap AXS Battery is SOLD SEPARATELY (Excel Sports Part Number: 119848)

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  • AXS enabled for easy wireless setup, monitoring, personalization, and reliability
  • Refined cage shape results in faster and more accurate front shifts
  • Easy setup with included tool
  • SRAM Yaw cage technology optimized for use with X-Range chainrings
  • Auto trim functionality for rasp free running
  • Compatible with 46/33T, 48/35T, 50/37T, 52/39T, 54/41T, and 56/43T chainring combos
  • Mounting Type: Braze-On
  • SRAM eTap AXS Battery SOLD SEPARATELY ( Excel part number: 119848)
  • Weight: 153 Grams
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