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SRAM Red eTap has brought wireless shifting to the cycling world, and the praise has been well-deserved. The system is not exclusively wireless, as the remote shifter systems are wired to keep the overall power set-up simple and lightweight. These remotes are called Blips and Clics. Blips are designed for virtually any use around a handlebar or aerobar system, but Clics are strictly for aerobar-end use. The Clics fit directly into bar ends with 19-21.5mm internal diameter. The lightweight composite units come with two different wire lengths: 500 or 650mm, to best suit various bar length set-ups.

The wires have a simple connection system and attach to the eTap BlipBox control module, which keeps these simple cables managed and pairs with the battery powered derailleurs via the Airea wireless protocol for fast, clean shifting. Clics and Blips are generally used together on an aerobar set-up with two Clics in the extension ends, and Blips near the brake lever mount so you can shift from there as well. So if you want the cleanest, most efficient shifting for your eTap equipped TT or Tri bike, get a set of Clics and get it set up the best way possible

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  • Aerobar end wired shift buttons for Red eTap 11spd shifting system
  • Sold in pairs, with two wire length options
  • Lightweight composite construction, clean fit, highly aerodynamic
  • Easy shift actuation with a positive action
  • Must be used with BlipBox control module, simple plug-in fittings
  • Clics fit into aerobar ends with 19-21.5mm internal diameter, integrate perfectly
  • Wire length options: 500mm, 650mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 32g/pair
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