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With the release of the 1x12 drivetrain of AXS groupsets, SRAM developed a Direct Mount, 107 BCD, 4-hole spider design for both the crankarms and power meter system. Utilizing technologies and performance features learned from the Eagle mountain drivetrains, the machined aluminum 1 X-Sync 12-Speed Chainring is stout, easy to mount or switch, offers long life and most importantly, the exceptional chain retention you require for a wide ranging 1x12 drivetrain, whether in a road configuration, or the hybrid "mullet" set-up, which features an Eagle 12-Speed mountain cassette and rear derailleur.

This is achieved with a singular SRAM chainring technology, which applies the X-Sync tooth profiling and shaping to an alternating narrow-wide tooth set-up. Regardless of the chainline or gearing combination, under any load, you get exceptional chain retention. Mud and grime shedding is also factored in, with voids that allow such materials to escape- not push the chain up and off the teeth. There is only one consideration required when a "mullet" set-up is used. For a full road 1x12 drivetrain, you will get better performance with a SRAM 12s Flattop chain, but the wider range of the mullet requires you to use an Eagle 12s mountain chain.

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  • Force-level 12-speed chainring for 1x12 drivetrains with Force or Rival 107 BCD cranksets
  • Chainring can be used with SRAM Eagle 12-speed or SRAM 11-speed chains
  • Designed for 107 BCD, 4-arm crank spiders used by SRAM Force 12s cranks and powermeters
  • Narrow-wide tooth design and X-Sync tooth profile shaping provide exceptional chain retention
  • Stout but light machined aluminum construction along with spider ensures overall ring stiffness
  • Optimal performance with SRAM 12-speed Flattop chain for road cassette and rear derailleur
  • With a "mullet" 1x12 set-up (mountain cassette and RD) must use an Eagle 12-speed chain
  • Options: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 Tooth (offered; if not listed please contact us for availability)
  • Color: Blast Black
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