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With tubeless tire and wheel use now ubiquitous there are many valve designs. Some rims really require a specific valve type, but most do not. Stan's pioneered many of the tubeless innovations now common, and their Universal Valve Stems not only work perfectly in Stan's tubeless rims, but fit many others as well.

The threaded bras valves are consistent and reliable, with a rounded rubber base at the insert point which seals against the valve hole. The typical threaded nut secures the valve to the rim and seals the valve hole. Of course the core is removable for easy sealant insertion. The valves are sold in pairs, and in three lengths: 35mm, 44mm, 55mm.

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  • Tubeless valves designed by Stan's, but works effectively with many rim designs
  • Used to convert road or mountain rims to tubeless
  • Brass threaded Presta valve, locknut, plastic Presta cap
  • Removable valve cores
  • Sold in pairs
  • Options: 35mm, 44mm, 55mm
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