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Stan's designed this tool to remove your valve core and insert sealant into your wheel. What they ended up creating in the process is the best Presta valve core remover ever made. This handy little tool works with all removable valve cores. Perfect for inserting valve extenders, replacing worn or bent valve cores or for it's original intended purpose - removing cores to insert sealant. Any way you slice it, this tool is a winner and a must for any mechanic's tool box.

The alloy shaft is precisely machined with a knurled end for finger grip. Tight tolerance on the Presta end grips cores perfectly while the other end of the tool will remove Schrader valve cores with ease. Red anodizing and laser etched logos round out the package.

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  • Removes both Presta and Schrader valve cores
  • Machined with tight tolerances
  • Fits all removable Presta valves
  • Knurled end for added grip
  • Red anodized
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