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The Black Prince compound is a major step forward over the highly respected Yellow King compound. Swissstop managed to create a braking compound that provides high performance braking on carbon rims with the feel of braking on an alloy rim. The Black Prince compound delivers much better modulation and wet weather performance. All while creating significantly lower braking temperatures. Designed for carbon rims but can be used on alloy braking surfaces too.

With the Black Price compound, there is a more linear, natural relationship of lever force to braking force. So basically, when you squeeze the brake levers harder you will get much more braking force versus other pads. And it is easier to apply lower braking force for better fine control or feathering of brakes which the riders around you will appreciate. Braking force continues to increase progressively with lever pull and maximum braking force is increased. Increased braking force in wet conditions means 25% shorter stopping distances and much better control of braking in the rain. Maximum temperature created during high speed deceleration is significantly lower reducing the worry of excessive heat with carbon clinchers. Includes a set of 4 pads with retention screws.

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  • Premium brake pads designed for a carbon braking surface
  • Better modulation and wet weather performance
  • Creates significantly lower braking temperatures during pad to rim contact
  • Wear limit indicator
  • Includes 4 pads and 4 pad retention screws (if needed)
  • Options: Shimano/SRAM, Campagnolo
  • Made in Switzerland
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