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This all-in-one accessory kit for indoor trainer use offers just the right set of Tacx appointed items to keep sweat from collecting on your bike, protect your phone, and make for dedicated self care during the sweat-fest. The Garmin Tacx Sweat Set is composed of two items, Garmin Tacx's T2931 Sweat Cover with the integrated clear phone pocket, and T2940 Garmin Tacx Towel.

The Tacx Sweat Cover has long been an Excel staff favorite, but this version adds a clear plastic pocket for your smartphone, keeping it close at hand and easy to see while you spin away the winter hours indoors. You can also operate the touchscreen through the cover, so if you use your phone for trainer or app control- no problem.

The seatpost loop and handlebar Velcro straps of the Sweat Cover make it easy to install and remove. The textile used is super absorbent and helps prevent perspiration from corroding your frame and getting on the floor. The Nylon construction is durable and washable. The thoughtful design and build quality Tacx put into this absorbent sweat cover makes it a bit more expensive than some other covers available, but it is a real winner, especially with the phone pocket.

The high-quality, soft Tacx T2940 terry towel is specifically designed to support you during exhausting indoor training sessions that make you sweat. The terry material is highly absorbent and thanks to it's compact rectangular dimensions (approx. 45" x 11.5") it can also be worn around your neck or draped nearby for easy access while you pedal.

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  • Sweat Cover-Phone- great toptube covering sweat protection with clear smartphone pocket
  • Stretchy absorbent fabric
  • Clear plastic cover allows you to operate touchscreen
  • Clever design fits all bikes and enables easy mounting
  • Helps prevent phone, frame and component corrosion
  • Washable- follow care instructions
  • Max phone size: length 5.34" (138mm), width 2.68" (68mm)
  • Towel: terry towel is soft, highly absorbent, and wearable with rectangular dimensions (approx. 115 cm x 30 cm)
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