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Compact and ergonomic, the XPRESSO 6 offers exceptional value by being the sole pedal in the XPRESSO range crafted with a composite body. Its steel axle strikes a balance between lightweight construction and enduring strength. With a pre-opened design, the ICLIC system ensures effortless clipping in. Additionally, the XPRESSO 6 boasts carbon blade tension adjustment, a minimal stack height, and an expansive platform for enhanced pedaling efficiency and comfort.

XPRESSO pedals come with the ICLIC Float cleats, offering the rider various float options. Float is measured by how much your foot can move while clipped in and pedaling. ICLIC Float cleats offer 10° (+/-5°) of angular float and 2.5mm (+/-1.25mm) of lateral float, reducing the strain on your knees while pedaling. You can also adjust the Stance Width on your pedals by swapping the cleats on to the opposite shoe. The ICLIC Fixed cleat is another option for the XPRESSO pedals. Sold separately, the ICLIC Fixed cleat has zero degrees of angular and lateral float.

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  • Great value for proven performance
  • Fast and easy cleat engagement
  • Ergonomic design
  • Low stack height for good clearance
  • ICLIC Free Float Cleats included
  • Body Material: Injected Glass-Fiber Composite + Stainless steel plate
  • Spindle: Steel, Bearings: Steel
  • Weight: 115g (pedal only), 315g (pedal + cleats)
  • Stack Height: 15.1mm
  • Compatible with ICLIC Free Float Cleats (+5/-5 degree angular float) and Fixed Cleats (zero float)
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