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It is rare to see true innovation and features in bicycle inner tubes, where latex and butyl have been used for decades. Enter the duo at Tubolito, who created a new tube technology and manufacturing process to deliver high performance "standard" inner tubes that are 2/3 lighter than standard butyl tubes while offering 2x as much puncture protection. That's right, a 38 gram road tube with twice as much inherent puncture protection. Intrigued? Of course you are. Many road cyclists still prefer the ease of standard clincher tires, but by choosing the Tubo Road tube, rotational weight is reduced by approximately 70 grams per wheel and the tire/tube interaction results in slightly less friction for improved rolling resistance.

Using a new high-tech thermoplastic elastomer (polyurethane/TPU)and combined with a unique manufacturing technology Tubolito is capable of delivering very light, robust and reliable bike tubes to their customers. Besides being lightweight with greater durability, the material also offer inherent damping properties- an area in which we all seek some enhancement. The team at Tubolito believe the use of new technologies and high-tech materials will further revolutionize the bike tube industry. The Tubo Road can be used with 700c tires sized from 18-28mm, and is a distinctive orange color, as is the valve (the 80mm version has 40mm orange valve with an 80mm black extender). There are several key features and considerations for using a Tubolito tube, and we have added these in the detail section below. Please read them carefully. These are specifications, not limitations and if you are road cyclist considering a tube upgrade these will most likely be acceptable or welcome to you as you gain performance and protection at significant weight reduction in a most unlikely place- the inner tube.

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  • Remarkable inner tube upgrade suitable for road bikes with disc or rim brakes
  • 2/3 lighter than most standard tubes, save almost 70g of rotating weight per wheel
  • 2x more resistant to punctures than a standard butyl tube
  • Overall size is much more compact than a butyl tube, takes up less room in saddle bag
  • Achieves super light weight and durability by combining a new material with an in-house developed production technology
  • Manufactured with thermoplastic elastomer- TPU
  • Material is known for its durability and excellent damping abilities
  • Substantially lower environmental footprint to manufacture than butyl tubes
  • Air retention/loss is similar to a butyl tube
  • Pinch flat protection is essentially the same as any standard tube
  • If you pre-inflate for shape before installing, then do not exceed 7psi (which is plenty) as the tube can deform
  • Inflate when installed within tire's listed pressure range
  • Only reuse in same tire size/rim configuration due to the way the material stretches
  • Valve cores of all Tubolito tube products are glued in and therefore not removable
  • Sealant will not repair a hole in a Tubolito tube, but will not damage one if used in a tire that had sealant inside
  • Note: can only be safely/properly patched with Tubo-Flix-Kit
  • All components/materials sourced in Europe, then manufactured in Europe
  • Color: Orange, with orange threadless valve (extender on 80mm version is black)
  • Tire size range: 18-28mm
  • Valve length options: 42mm, 60mm, 80mm (features 40mm valve w/ 40mm extender
  • Weight: 38 grams (42mm valve)
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