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Velox Fond de Jante rim strips have been around since the introduction of the aluminum bicycle rim. A long time shop and rider favorite, Velox rim strips are both reliable and easy to install. The strip features woven cloth construction and will hold up to years of abuse while tucked under the tube of your wheel. The back of the cloth has a sticky adhesive tape applied to make installation a snap and also prevents the rim tape from migrating once installed. Appropriately named, Fond de Jante means bottom of rim, the exact place the strip will live out its service life.

Choose between 16mm or 22mm widths depending on the width of your rim. Classic style rims, like a Mavic open Pro would require the 16mm, while more contemporary designs with wider rim profiles might use the 22mm. Velox rims strips do not function in a tubeless environment, select proper rim tape for tubeless and UST applications

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  • Woven cloth construction
  • Adhesive sticky back
  • Pre-cut valve hole
  • Easy installation
  • Choose from 16mm or 22mm
  • Made in France
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