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The Vittoria Corsa Pro Control TLR G2.0 Tubeless Road Tire is designed for cyclists who face the most challenging conditions on race day—whether that’s slicing through rain, navigating gusty winds, or handling the unpredictable terrains of French pavé or limestone gravel. This tire is a top choice among the world’s elite WorldTour professionals, especially when confronting rough chip seal or wet conditions that might require a quick adjustment in tire pressure right at the start line.

Building on the legacy of the Corsa Pro, the Corsa Pro Control version enhances grip on slick tarmac, groomed gravel, and cobblestones, ensuring stability and confidence underfoot. Its supple construction not only reduces rolling resistance but also increases puncture protection, shielding against sharp gravel and cobble peaks—qualities proven on the formidable stones of Roubaix and engineered to withstand anything the world throws at it.

This tire incorporates revolutionary materials including rubber evolved with graphene and reinforced with silica across a meticulously graduated schedule of four compounds. This design achieves minimized rolling resistance and responsive handling in the center strip, while the shoulders provide high grip and anchoring stability. The sidewalls are reinforced to resist cuts, enhancing durability. Wrapped in a lightweight cotton and durable aramid 320 TPI casing, the Corsa Pro Control combines a supple road feel with robust puncture resistance, smoothing small impacts and muting road noise, ensuring a serene and efficient ride.

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  • Designed for challenging race conditions like rain, wind, and variable terrains including French pavé and gravel.
  • Favored by the world’s top WorldTour professionals for its reliability in tough conditions.
  • Enhanced grip for handling slick tarmac, groomed gravel, and cobblestones.
  • Supple construction reduces rolling resistance and increases puncture protection.
  • Features advanced materials including rubber evolved with graphene and silica reinforcements.
  • Four compound schedule optimizes center strip responsiveness and shoulder stability and grip.
  • 320 TPI casing combines lightweight cotton and durable aramid for a blend of suppleness and puncture resistance.
  • Engineered to smooth small impacts, mute road noise, and maintain constant road contact for a better ride.
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