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If you are a serious racer, or a mechanic who glues a lot of tubulars, the 250 gram can of Vittoria's Mastik One is your most cost effective way to provide the best adhesion available. Year after year, decade after decade, Vittoria' clear rim cement is our best selling tubular glue. The product's consistency is easy to work with, spreads evenly, doesn't set up so quickly that you have to rush and easier than most glues to clean up. Designed to best adhere Vittoria tubulars to both aluminum and carbon rims, Mastik One also works exceptionally well with most other tubular brands. If you've been gluing tubulars for a while, there is no way you haven't come across this product. The clear glue will conceal itself if some gets on the sidewall, so it looks like a clean job even when it might not be perfect.

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  • Most popular cement
  • Clear epoxy works well in extreme heat or cold
  • We recommend you follow the instructions for optimal results
  • 250 gram can will glue approximately 12 tubular tires

This item must ship UPS Ground and to United States Continental Addresses Only

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