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Vittoria's Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant takes a fresh approach to serving the needs of riders, no matter which type of bike they ride. The secret is in the liquid base, which is thin enough to find and seal even the smallest punctures quickly and effectively. Suspended within that base are platelets, which clog together to seal larger punctures, providing the user with protection against a range of puncture sizes, and on any type of bike. In testing, Vittoria’s new Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant sealed punctures up to 7 mm instantly, and provided excellent air retention up to 1200km. The formula is ammonia free, which prevents the sealant from damaging the tire, and makes it suitable for use in combination with tire inserts such as the Vittoria Air-Liner.

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  • Tubeless tire sealant with properties that make it effective for any genre of bike riding
  • Liquid base features "platelets" that clog together to seal larger punctures
  • Seals punctures up to 7mm instantly
  • Base is also thin and liquid enough to seal small punctures
  • Ammonia free- won't damage tires, rims or Vittoria Air-Liners
  • Bottle sizes: 80ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml (does not include application tip
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