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When you prioritize durability, puncture protection and low cost in a road bike tire, the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro V is an easy choice. Yes, you sacrifice road feel and response, and not the Zaffiro V is no lightweight, but the primary drivers make it a great off-season training, urban road, or fast commuting tire. This updated fifth generation has a thicker rubber casing than the previous one, which helps ward off potential flats and ease impacts on uneven pavement.

With this model, the industry standard in such tires is back with a refreshed design, and increased performance. The subtle center grooves and shoulder texture retain the secure feel of the Zaffiros of the past, while streamlining the look and feel for the future. The alternating slick center lined profile, inverted alternating shoulder treads and Graphene compound mimic the feel of the Zaffiro’s higher-end siblings, while adding durability, and a more approachable price point. You get inherent grip from the Graphene compound, while the shoulder treads evacuate water for better control and handling when the surface is wet. If you prefer a smoother, more forgiving ride, consider dropping your normal road tire pressure 4-10 psi depending on tire size, dropping more on a lower volume, higher pressure range size, or less on a higher volume, lower pressure range size.

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  • Extremely durable, road tire for performance training, commuting, or pure urban road cycling
  • Folding clincher tire for use with tubes only with hooked clincher rims
  • Graphene 2.0 compound with it's inherent grip and other properties, along with and folding bead increase performance
  • Modern tread design for long useful life
  • Thicker rubber than the previous model improves flat protection, durability and wear
  • Casing: Nylon 26 TPI
  • Directional tread pattern;
  • Subtle center grooves for better tracking, inverted engineered shoulder tread for water dispersal, grip on wet or dry pavement
  • Size/Weight/Pressure range:
  • 700x25 / 310g / 72-115psi
  • 700x28 / 340g / 72-115psi
  • 700x30 / 385g / 55-100psi
  • Color: Black
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