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With the release of the 5th generation Kicker Smart Trainer, Wahoo also engineered a new foot system allowing the trainer some lateral movement to simulate some natural side-to-side movement (with a max of 5°). Thus the KICKR AXIS foot system came to be, and is backwards compatible with all true KICKR trainer frames. The AXIS offers three different foot options, based on firmness levels and associated to rider weight, which allows you to try various options.

The customizable cushioned feet respond to movements and weight shifts in tempo and body position, mimicking the side-to-side movement experienced when riding outdoors. The AXIS is designed for firm surfaces and can be used on a KICKR Trainer mat, though the effect will be less noticeable as most mats have some "give" already. A good rule of thumb is that the softer and thicker the mat is, the less you will notice the effect of AXIS, but most inexpensive foam mats tend to compress with less rebound over time, especially if you leave your trainer set-up or use it in the same place on the mat.

Simple to install and set-up the KICKR AXIS system is not only more natural feeling, but also decreases the static pressure points you may be sensitive to on a fixed position trainer. It can also assist by engaging core and other fine stabilizing muscles that you require outdoors, but normally aren't activated in the static riding position. This movement does not need to be drastic, the subtle movement is actually a significant change from a purely static position.

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  • Customizable cushioned foot system that mount on bottom of KICKR frame
  • Allows some lateral movement (up to 5° to simulate some natural side-to-side movement
  • Subtle, but more outdoor like feel and bike/body interaction
  • Added benefit of reducing vibration transferred to flooring from trainer use
  • Safe for use with the KICKR CLIMB
  • Designed for hard, level surfaces, and can be used with KICKR Mat over a hard surface
  • Replaces existing KICKR foot system, but can be changed out easily if desired
  • System still offers leveling capability
  • Three sets of feet for three firmness levels- based on rider weight, but you can choose option
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