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Wahoo has upgraded arguably the best smart trainer offered to date, as the KICKR Smart Power Trainer V6 rises to the top step of the podium. There have been some obvious upgrades, though for the most physically and mechanically the V6 is virtually the same. So what has been added? For most users who participate in online racing and those use Android devices, the prime upgrade is WiFi connectivity. This also upgrades those who have been forced to use Bluetooth for connections, as BLE can be prone to more dropouts and interference. The second most significant change has been ERG Easy Ramp, which allows you to get off the bike for a short time and get back on with a smooth transition to high wattage levels. So if you drop a bottle, or your Apple TV remote, etc., the ramp back to power is smoothed and progressive. The final updated feature is the Odometer, which allows you to track lifetime trainer usage statistics. This may seem interesting but not essential, however there is value in this information- should you monitor it or not.

The Wahoo KICKR (v5) Smart Bike Trainer was widely recognized as one of the best indoor training devices available. The V6 carries the same build and accuracy (at +/-1%), Auto Calibration, and again features KICKR AXIS: customizable (3 settings) cushioned feet that respond to movements from changes in tempo and body position, slightly mimicking the side-to-side movement experienced when riding outdoors. This is still one of the quietest smart trainers made, and it is still easy to use, store and transport, while offering premium connectivity (now with WiFi, Wahoo and 3rd party App support, and full integration with the awesome experience of the KICKR CLIMB as well as the KICKR HEADWIND fan.

Power and feel are dictated by a combination of the physical 16lb flywheel and algorithms to improve responsiveness and better replicate the sensation of riding on the road. So, whether free-riding or using online platforms like Zwift and Trainer Road, you will have the same experience you feel on your favorite outdoor rides. Power is rated at up to 2200w, with a 20% grade, and that +/1% accuracy. You can control power via ERG mode or via Apps or ELEMNT-series GPS head units. The ANT FE-C trainer control capability means you can also manually control via most ANT+ GPS head units as well.

Out of the box, the KICKR is minutes from use and features integrated cadence measurement, a pre-installed cassette, a convenient carrying handle, and a tire size height adjustment to ensure you're up and riding as quickly as possible. Plug in the AC power cord, mount up your bike with the proper QR or thru-axle set-up, establish connectivity for WiFi, Bluetooth Smart and/or ANT+ via on-casing dedicated LED indicators, and get pedaling. With Automatic Continual Calibration the KICKR V6 is easy to use with less time or fuss to get started.

The KICKR is super stable, and with the V6 maintains the incredible gains in overall durability of V5; as the build quality and reliability will carry over. While using Wahoo's full eco-system of products makes for the cleanest and smoothest interaction, it is fully compatible with ANT+, BLE, WiFI and ANT FE-C so working with most of today's products and App's is a breeze. If you choose to purchase a KICKR CLIMB you can enjoy automatic or manual smooth front end changes from 20% uphill to 10% downhill (with most bike/frame designs) and really engage more with your indoor cycling experience while mimicking the weight shifts and pressure points you activate when riding outside. The KICKR AXIS foot system adds slight side to side action as well, all aiding and benefiting your body in ways that static training systems simply can't. This is subtle, but real, though use of a soft trainer mat may limit how you experience it. That system is still available separately to adapt older KICKR versions as well. The KICKR HEADWIND integrated fan system may seem like a luxury add-on, but once you get used to the fact that this reasonably quiet fan automatically reacts to your output levels as you train, it can be hard to ride without it.

Buyers routinely praise the quality, the ease of use, the consistent, accurate power, quiet-ness, and overall experience. WiFi and ERG Easy Ramp only enhance that. It is clear that Wahoo's technical focus on user experiences from day one has kept the KICKR a step ahead. While no product is perfect for everybody, Wahoo has made it hard to choose anything but a KICKR, and now that unit is the KICKR V6.

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  • Updated KICKR V6 with new key features that only enhance the KICKR experience
  • Adds WiFi, ERG Easy Ramp, and an Odometer that tracks lifetime trainer usage statistics
  • 8-10x lower latency with WiFi – faster power delivered to apps
  • Features KICKR AXIS- customizable feet allows movement to mimic subtle side-to-side movement
  • Designed to be fully compatible with KICK'R CLIMB and HEADWIND systems
  • Rated to 2200 max watts, capable of simulating max 20% grade
  • Power required for resistance, control- can be used in ERG mode/app controlled
  • Virtually silent during use while pedaling, limited freewheel sound otherwise
  • Connectivity for WiFi, Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ via dedicated LED indicators
  • Overall accuracy to 1%, power curve offers incredibly fast response
  • WiFi means Automatic firmware updates (always ready to go with the latest release)
  • WIFI connectivity resolves Android BT/ANT+ connectivity issues
  • WIFI provides significant range and stability increase vs. BLE/ANT+ with Data transfer speeds up to 65% faster vs. standard BLE/ANT+ transfer speeds
  • ERG Easy Ramp allows you to get off the bike and back on with a smooth transition to high wattage levels
  • Ergonomic carry handle centers and balances unit for greater control
  • Requires AC power: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60 Hz; has cable/power black with quick release tail connection from unit that prevents damage if tripped over
  • Magnetic resistance with 16lb flywheel
  • Third party power meter and training app control
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, ANT+ FE-C enabled device control, Bluetooth FTMS support, ANT+ and multi-channel BLE Power Meter control with speed/cadence
  • Direct Connect: KICKR V6 has an RJ11 phone line port, usable via Wahoo Direct Connect RJ45 ethernet dongle/jack adapter with break-away connection inline for direct communication to some network for Apps- contingent on App maker compatibility (Direct Connect adapter released Jan '21, v4.2.1 firmware enabled same time)
  • Compatible with IOS, Android and Windows
  • Cadence broadcasts from trainer
  • Temperature compensation; Automatic Calibration
  • Directly controllable via ELEMNT GPS apps and some 3rd party systems
  • Easy App use/integration including Wahoo Fitness, Zwift, TrainerRoad, etc
  • Wheel Sizes/Dropouts: 24" / 650c / 26" / 27.5"/ 29" / 130mm, 135mm QR, 12/142 &12/148mm TA
  • Easy-to-adjust height based on front wheel size (no wheel block required)
  • Steel frame, Aluminum fixtures, Gates Carbon Belt, easy to identify and use fitments
  • Dimensions: Open 21" x 28" (54 cm x 71 cm), Closed 21" x 9" (54 cm x 23 cm)
  • Hub system works with: 11s HG freehub for Shimano 8,9,10 road or mtn 11s (with spacer) 11/12, SRAM XD/XDR body sold separately for SRAM 12s- use 1.8mm spacer for XD)
  • In box: KICKR, AXIS feet, AC Adapter, HG 11s 11-28T cassette (installed), 1.8mm cassette spacer, disc caliper spacer, steel QR skewer, all hub/Thru Axle adapters
  • Max rider weight: 250lbs
  • Weight: 47 lbs
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