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Wahoo's Speedplay Pedal line-up features a slimmed down line-up, capturing the essence of the best options and features. When aero advantage trumps the need for a dual sided pedal, the Speedplay AERO steps in. The AERO has an aero cover on one side of what is the same specification as the Zero stainless steel axle pedal. The Speedpay AERO, like the other models, features some re-engineered components. At 224 grams, the Zero is competitively light, incredibly strong, and built to last. The essentials of the legendary Speedplay design are here, with unbeatable stack height, 3-axis cleat adjustment, superior cornering clearance, dual-side entry, and rotational free float. Wahoo has made some changes that they will improve durability, basically eliminate greasing and maintenance, and an upgraded, universal walkable cleat system offered in standard or light spring tension. The AERO comes equipped with standard tension cleats, and is available in a stock 53mm Q-factor spindle length.

The stainless steel axle-equipped pedal, Grivory composite body, AERO cap and integrated cleat system offers peak power transfer and exceptional durability year after year. The customized fit and single-side entry will allow you to crank on the pedals in confidence and comfort- with no rider weight limit. The integrated cleat system with 3-axis adjustability allows you to precisely dial in your fit for optimized biometrics and increased power transfer. At release, the AERO is only compatible with the included 53mm axle.

A challenge for the original Speedplay pedals was that the spring retention and rotation system only covered about 40% of the circumference of the pedal. Combined with the cleat design, this did allow any sand or grit to release from the system, but also created an opportunity for uneven wear, which would lead to side to side rocking that wore the body and cleat down over time. By moving to a 360° ring around the edge of the body this issue will be eliminated, and the cleat allows grains and grit to escape. The second important change is a redesigned axle and bearing system that visually resembles the old version, but it very different. The body now rides on triple sealed cartridge & needle bearings, and have a superior seal system. The grease port has been eliminated as Wahoo is confident you will never need to grease them. on the inboard side of the axle, the flats for a pedal wrench are gone, and an 8mm Hex is required to install, accessed from behind the pedal axle.

The cleat system has slight modifications, and is again designed for safer walking and protecting the cleat interface itself. The Standard Tension Cleat included with the AERO can be positioned on the bottom of the shoe and adjusted fore-aft (14mm), left-right (8mm) and rotationally, allowing between 0-15° of float. The textured rubber of the walkable body offers grip across multiple surfaces and is more durable. The cleat integrates with the pedal's aero cap to be the most efficient of all the Speedplay pedals. Older Speedplay Walkable Zero type cleats and pedals are cross compatible with the new Wahoo offered cleats and pedals. X-Series are not. A #2 Phillips head screwdriver is used to adjust the float rotation, release angle.

Thanks to the pedal capand cleat design, as well as as the stock 53mm Q-factor, the Speedplay Aero has an excellent 37° cornering clearance. That is slightly less than the 39° of the other models, but still better than anything else available. The low, efficient stack height of the pedal-cleat system is again tops, though it varies with your shoe cleat interface, at 11.5mm with 3 hole set-ups, or ultra low at 8.5mm with the rare 4-hole option. Please know that some smaller shoes or shoes with more curvature in the cleat mounting zone may not sit flush, though you have the ability to make this work in most cases.

Overall, time will tell if Wahoo has nailed their engineering fixes, but the company is confident. All of the great features you loved with Speedplay are here in the new version, with increased aero profile, and for cyclists who prize impressively durable performance and longevity the AERO is the top market option. When even the smallest aero gains are crucial to your set-up and overall performance, the Wahoo Speedplay AERO pedal system comes to the front.

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  • AERO pedal is essentially the Zero pedal with an aero cover that effectively makes the pedal a single sided pedal, but the cover full integrates with the cleat system for increased aerodynamics
  • Super durable stainless steel single-side aero road pedal uniquely qualified to withstand the demands of everything from all-out road racing, time trial and triathlon events on top of heavy training
  • Wahoo Speedplay pedal system with refined upgrades, carrying over virtually of the great features
  • Only pedal system to provide independent 3-Axis Adjustability to optimize fit and enhance performance through better biomechanics
  • Upgrades: 360° spring rotation retainer on body, new bearing and seal system that eliminates grease port, improved and simplified model spread, and cleat system
  • Pedals allow up to 15° of float, allowing the heel to pivot around the center of the pedal
  • Low stack provides a solid connection for a more fluid transfer of power with every pedal stroke, greater efficiency
  • AERO and Standard Tension Cleat create a seamless integration for a streamlined profile with shoe
  • Class leading cornering clearance, low stack height
  • Body Material: Grivory GV-6H Composite, with Aero cap
  • Axle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Rider weight limit: none
  • Pedal installation requires an 8mm Hex key, to internal axle fitment through crank arm
  • Bearing systems: Triple Sealed Cartridge & Needle Bearings
  • Stack Height: 11.5mm (3 hole) 8.5mm (4 hole)
  • Release Angle: Micro Adjustable from 0° to 7.5°
  • Pedal Float: Adjustable from 0° to 15°
  • Cornering Clearance: 37° (slightly reduced by aero cover from the standard 39°)
  • Spindle length / Q-factor: 53mm
  • Cleat Fore-Aft Adjustability: up to 14mm | Cleat Left-Right Adjustability: up to 8mm
  • Cleats: Standard Tension included, with Walkable adaptor/cover
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 224 grams per pair (pedals only)
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