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Wahoo's Speedplay Pedals most efficiently deliver power and engagement to lead the pack. Make every effort count with the Speedplay with the low profile Easy Tension road cleat. This integrated system delivers the power transfer and easy angular rotation that all levels of cyclists can appreciate, with an lower inherent spring release tension ideal for beginners, people with smaller feet, perhaps have had a limiting injury, or simply prefer it. Wahoo Speedplay offers the only system to feature continuous 3-axis adjustability for all out rider safety and comfort on the bike.

These cleats work with all four models of the Wahoo Speedplay pedal offerings. Older Speedplay Walkable Zero type cleats and pedals are cross compatible with the new Wahoo offered cleats and pedals. X-Series are not.

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  • Set of Easy Tension Cleats and cleat surrounds for the most aerodynamic profile & walkable system
  • Slim profile cleat and rubber texture create enhanced stability when walking in your road shoes off the bike
  • Easy Tension cleat utilizes an easy action spring mechanism for a simpler pedal engagement experience for those smaller or more novice riders, or people who simply prefer it, or may have had a limiting injury
  • Independent 3-axis adjustability to optimize fit, enhance performance through better pedaling biomechanics
  • Materials: Grivory GV-6H, TPU, Metal
  • Compatible with all Wahoo Speedplay pedals
  • Also compatible with previous gen Speedplay Walkable Zero pedal/cleat designs
  • Stack Height: 11.5mm (3 hole) 8.5mm (4 hole)
  • Release Angle: Micro Adjustable from 0° to 7.5°
  • Pedal Float: Adjustable from 0° to 15°
  • Cleat Fore-Aft Adjustability: up to 14mm | Cleat Left-Right Adjustability: up to 8mm
  • Includes: Cleat Assembly, Screw Packet, Quick Start & Important Product Information Guides
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 142g (3 hole) 100g (4 hole)
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