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Water bottle cage bolts are either found in bunches or nowhere to be found when you need one. We all lose these small items from time to time and having a few spares on hand is always a good plan. Given that bike manufacturers often use the M5x0.8 threading for other bosses, such as rack and fender mounts, there are always potential applications. We carry the 16mm long version for versatile mounting uses such as adding pump mounts, using racks, etc.

We offer these bolts for three reasons: quality, stainless steel, and we sell a lot of them. All great reasons. The stainless steel bolts won't rust, and we have found the 4mm socket caps to be cleanly manufactured and durable to tool use. Given the tight spaces of many frame triangles, a 4mm ball driver is frequently used for installation/removal, and these bolts hold up well to this approach. Always use a little appropriate grease on the threads, tighten firmly, but don't crank down, and the bolt will hold your cage in place. Simple? Yes, but necessary. When you lube your drivetrain or do a quick safety once-over of your bike, we recommend that that you add checking the water bottle cage and accessory bolts as well, as they can loosen up from use and vibration over time.

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  • M5 bolts with 0.8 threading for frame bosses for water bottle cage, rack, and other mounts
  • Stainless steel resists corrosion, with hardened surfaces that are tool durable
  • Socket head style bolt that require a 4mm Allen hex key
  • 16mm length allows for more versatile mounting options
  • We recommend using grease (ti-prep if boss is titanium) or thread locking compound
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