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Accessories Water Bottle Cages

When first introduced in 2000, the Dave-O was considered cutting edge and a revolutionary design. So much so, it dominated the carbon fiber bottle space. Over a decade and thousands of cages sold later, the Dave-O is still ever-popular and omnipresent in the group, and has evolved from revolutionary to classic status.

The lightweight carbon fiber construction, the clean curving design, and the near perfect hold and control of a water bottle changed the game in water bottle cages. And yet, it truly is a classic in that now cyclists all want cages that look great and function exceptionally well. Take a look back at bottle cages before then. Only a few companies (think Italian), even seemed to care about aesthetics, let alone light weight and exceptional functionality. If you are old enough to have bent aluminum and steel cages just to get a bottle to stay in place, and replaced cages regularly, you understand.

The guys at Arundel designed the Dave-O to address what they saw as failings of older cages. They wanted the bottle to stay in the cage, but to be easy to retrieve and insert. They wanted the cage to start complementing and matching the newly emergent production carbon fiber frames. The cage had to be durable and strong, yet light. Last, and not least for these perfectionists, they wanted the cage to protect and maintain the look of the bottle. That sounds like a joke, but older cages were notorious for marking bottles, even wearing into the plastic. It just didn't look good, or feel right, and one tended to go through a lot of bottles between scratches and marking, ejection, and being fumbled away.

Dave-O designed the shape of the cage, hence the name. The founders were carbon fiber guys, so the material choice was clear. Finding the right aesthetic, features and finish was an evolving process, but the Dave-O was born, and truly started a cage revolution. If you want a sleek, clean, light, durable and incredibly functional bottle cage, you now start with the Dave-O. We have guys in the shop here that still use their original cages from the early days, well over a decade now. You will see them on our road bikes, mountain bikes, and commuters. These cages have been used heavily, survived crashes, falls, and direct impacts- and the secure bottle grip remains the same as when new. We can attest to the quality and value, and we do, all the time. Thank you, Arundel!

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  • Carbon fiber, standard size water bottle cage with exceptional bottle hold
  • Seek, efficient aesthetics and functional, durable design
  • Opening angled perfectly for easy bottle insertion and removal
  • Available in matte or gloss finish, over 3K weave or unidirectional carbon fiber
  • Comes with high quality, low profile allen bolts for mounting
  • Weight: 33g
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Average Rating:

Posted on October 14, 2009
I removed my $6.95, 37 gram Minoura Dura Cages and replaced them with the Dave-O’s. I tried to justify this in my head through a myriad of bizarre rationales. ("I’ll shave 14 grams and it’ll only cost me $100 bucks!") There really is no great way to justify it (except the speed increase, of course), but still I couldn’t be happier with these cages. Light - Beautiful - Rock Solid.

Posted on May 2, 2008
These are the best cages around. They hold your bottles with a death-grip, but are still easy to access. The weight is amazing and the price is fair. These cages with the new CamelBak Podium bottles is a summer combination that won’t miss. I’ve tried Tacx Tao cages before, which look great and match my R3, but, they only seem to hold Tacx team bottles well. Shop bottles, and such seem to never quite site properly, not good when racing. My only gripe is the antiquated logo! I can live with that though.

John Maurin
Posted on April 9, 2008
Best cage out there. Solid. You will not lose a bottle from this one yet it’s easy to get bottle into and out of.