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Chorus-level products from Campagnolo have always been the preferred line for riders seeking the best combination of performance and durability at a reasonable weight. This Ultra-Shift 11 speed cassette is no different. The steel cogs are coated with a nickel-chrome finish that ensures excellent wear over time and reduces the possibility of oxidation. Shifting performance is on par with Record and Super Record cassettes, but you spare yourself the cost and reduced durability of those titanium equipped cogsets.

The larger steel cogs of any set are attached to aluminum carriers, to reduce weight and have less impact on aluminum freehub bodies. Mounted properly and with the lockring tightened to a max 40nm torque specification, the cassette will feel solid and sure, as Campagnolo should. Shifts will be crisp, quick and precise, with the positive feel you know so well. The Ultra-Shift synchronized tooth patterns and shapes define precision- which is crucial with the tight tolerances of the 11 speed drivetrain.

It is important to note that Chorus 11 Speed Ultra-Shift Cassettes are compatible with all Campagnolo 11 speed drivetrains, regardless of level or model year. The company has built out the Chorus cassette line with the most diverse gearing combinations, to suit every one from the racing cyclist through the casual weekend rider. All can choose the best combination for their needs and know that legendary Campy quality will deliver the durability and performance that Chorus is known for.

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  • 11 speed Ultra-Shift steel cog cassette nickel-chrome finish for Campy drivetrains
  • Larger cogs ride on aluminum carriers to reduce weight, prevent freehub body damage
  • Cogs are sculpted, shaped and synchronized for precision shifting
  • Lockring provided (version determined by small cog selection)
  • Compatible with all Campagnolo 11 speed drivetrains
  • Many combinations available, please select from drop-down list
  • Weight: varies by size, but 11-27 is 268g with lockring
  • Made in Italy
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