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The Fizik Bar Gel kit is an optimal way to reduce road shock and vibration transmission. The Technogel™ pads won't harden, break down or separate. The pads can be custom cut to fit any size bar. They are also washable and reusable and easy to install with the included instructions. In short, anyone with hand, neck, or upper back pain should make the small investment and try Fizik Bar Gel. Return to Top

  • Easy to install and work with
  • Pads can be custom cut to size
  • 4 pads included: two for the tops and two for the drops
  • Technogel™ pads won't harden, break down or separate
  • Fantastic way to reduce road shock and vibration transmission
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    Average Rating:

    Posted on March 16, 2013
    Bought some of this on a lark last summer during a period of extreme boredom. For starters, it is not soft nor squishy, as some refer to gel bar tape. It's firm and it dampens out the ride and get rid of vibration (for the entire bike). I did not use the pads for the drops as I don't think it's needed. It is relatively easy to apply, but it's easier if you tape down the pads with some electrical tape, otherwise it might shift while you are wrapping. If you are leery of gel tape but want something to take away the rough roads and smooth out the vibration, this is your huckleberry...note-I suggest you don't use the Fizik Glossy tape as I experienced my hands getting sweaty while climbing. Could be a problem if you have to make a fast change in hand position to avoid an obstacle of pot hole, try the Fizik Soft Touch instead. The big plus is it changes the shape of your bars. Might be a cheaper way rather than going to Deda 35.