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DT Swiss 350 Rear Hub

Superb Swiss quality and brilliant design meet unmatched value in a hub. For this price, you get a forged 7000 alloy hub shell, quality bearings and a simple design that allows for tool-less rebuilding and service of the product. The hub body is black anodized for added durability and good looks. The freehub body is lightweight alloy and receives a full black anodization as well. It is rebuild able using the same ratchet system as the 240 and 180 series hubs. These 350 hubs feature the latest freehub body design which will work with Shimano and SRAM 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed drivetrains.

The bearings are high quality 6000 series and German-made They should spin effortlessly for many miles. The overall weight of the 350 rear hub is 328 grams. Skewer not included.


  • Alloy freehub body
  • Forged 7000 series alloy hub body
  • 6000 series German bearings
  • Black anodized
  • 328 grams
  • 130mm spacing

These DT Swiss 350 rear hubs features the latest freehub body design which accepts 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed Shimano and SRAM cassettes.

Skewer not included

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Reg Price $210.00


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Posted on 8/25/2017

My LBS built a set of wheels using Hed Belgium C2 28 rims and DT 350 hubs. Hubs have over 3000 miles on them and seem to be flawless, accept for being a bit noisey. You can disasemble the hubs with no tools. Easy to service. Seem durable. Look nice. I recently rode my old steel Colnago bike which has been gathering dust hanging in my garage. It has Mavic OP 32 rims and Campy Chorus hubs (no longer made). These wheels/hubs, although being a bit dated ride smoother and have a better feel than the above. The hubs are 15 years old. Sometimes new technology is not a stop forward.

Pros Easy to service, reasonable price

Cons A bit noisey


Posted on 8/11/2015

The review that states the driveshell developed notches and said the hub is unusable is silly. ALL hubs develop this problem and all you do is fill the notches down (per DT Swiss instructions), it is also a replaceable part! If someone thinks Shimano makes a better hub they are living on another planet! Shimano has loose ball bearings and are much more difficult/time consuming to service! DT Swiss service doesn't require tools (Unlike Chris King!) and anyone can do it! The 350 is the best bang for you buck in hubs, period! 240, and 350 parts are interchangeable, and if you are dead set on running ceramic bearings you could do that also. Great hub that preforms very well!

Pros Simple easy to service mechanism

Cons Weight I guess, but not many cons


Posted on 8/7/2014

alloy free hub body became seriously affected with notches from cassette cogs making cog removal a nightmare and thus destroying the cassette body. alloy too soft to withstand pressure of cogs against body. I was able to remove cogs one time and 2 nd time the hub totally came apart. The hubs spin nicely but they are not only no better than Ultegra, now they are unusable. had to buy new wheels as repair/shipping/parts make the whole project too costly. Shimano/Open Pro wheels much better wheel/deal. 45 years riding/racing/touring/commuting.

Pros spin nicely/look cool

Cons alloy cassette body not at all durable=useless