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Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Crewneck SS

Is there really any question that Craft is the leading developer of performance baselayers? For almost 20 years Excel Sports has carried these great products, and year after year our customers and staff clearly demonstrate their preference. The Active Extreme 2.0 Crewneck Short Sleeve is designed with less bulk, exceptional heat and moisture management, with an incredible body hugging fit that all serve to make it a perfect next to skin layer for cycling, running and other high output endurance activity. When you are working at an extreme level, in any set of conditions, Craft performs to your requirements and expectations.

There are several keys to the pure functionality of the garment. Craft's Bodymapping process has truly advanced the concept of anatomic fit and how material placement and fabric structures can be optimized for heat and moisture management to match high/low output of the body during active exercise. Fit matters, but so does having the proper materials, directionality and stretch. Using infrared to detect heat production) and loss both serves to confirm the obvious, but also to identify zones that may not be so obvious. Bodymapping, and the intended function of a garment then inform the fiber and fabric selection that matches the those requirements. The thin, stretchy material of the Active Extreme 2.0 pieces is made from a blend of Craft's proprietary polyester (96%), and elastane (4%). The fine yarn is then channel-knit to trap air and maintain warmth. The fibers themselves are largely hydrophilic, and won't hold moisture. The air channels trap body heat to keep you warm, but as you exert, the moisture produced is moved away from the body. This fabric is used for almost of the Active Extreme 2.0.

Craft moves to a more active 100% polyester mesh for under the zone around the underarm, extending up to the shoulder panel front and rear for maximum release while in motion, which is key in XC skiing and running, but really helps cyclists as well, preventing any excess moisture from dripping down along the sides of the torso. The Crewneck is a perfect height to provide coverage and warmth, without restricting neck mobility or adding too much bulk when wearing a full zip, collared jersey, and quite possibly a collared jacket over the top. Craft always finishes their garments for comfort and function, so directional panels are connected by low profile, flexible flat-lock stitching that moves seams off crucial movement points that can be a source of annoying chafing or irritation during exercise. The arm cuffs and crewneck have great finish techniques for comfort and hold.

We are guessing you know Craft, so little else needs to be said, but if you are looking for the best short sleeve, extreme output baselayer for moderately to cold temperatures, you won't find a better garment than the Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Crewneck SS.


  • Very lightweight short sleeve baselayer for high output exercise in cool weather
  • Form fitting design Bodymapped for anatomic fit and heat/moisture management
  • Coolmax-Air fabric is thin channel-knit design to trap heat, wicks moisture
  • Mesh used 270° around sleeve, on back of arm to actively release heat/perspiration
  • Flatlock stitching and seams run anatomically, off areas that cause chafing
  • Piece has considerable overall stretch, but size normally for best form fit
  • Fabrics: Mesh 100% polyester, Main 96% polyester, 4% elastane
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 100 grams (Medium)
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