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Reynolds Aero 46 Carbon Wheelset 2016

These 2016 46 Aero wheels are Reynolds' top offering in the hyper-competitive 40-48mm profile rim class. At 46mm tall, these all around wheels are well suited for endurance rides, climbs, group rides and dare we say gravel. The rims have a contemporary 16mm internal and 26.2mm external widths. Very limited quantities available.

The 46 Aero's carbon rims feature six different and segmented zones (sidewall, brake track, hook bead, rim bed, rim channel, spoke face) that each get the appropriate type and amount of carbon fiber, resin and epoxy for the loads and stresses of each zone. This process works to achieve the perfect tensile strength, stiffness and elongation the 46mm deep rim. Again, the internal width is 16mm, and the widest external width is 26.2mm. The bow shape of the rim is defined by the aerodynamics at play. Reynolds uses the same DET™ system employed in their top-end RZR wheels. Dispersive Effect Termination smooths turbulent, excited, energized airflow and re-attaches it to the aerodynamic surface, effectively reducing aerodynamic drag, and reducing buffering at yaw angles of side widewinds, keeping the wheels more stable in such conditions, and continually gaining energy and speed from the re-attachment process. The overall effect is a fast, stable wheel that keeps the rider focused on power output and the road ahead, and not the conditions.

Speed and stability are one thing, but braking and emergency stopping is equally crucial to race success. CTg is an acronym for Cryogenic Glass Transition and the rim's brake surface is comprised of very specific carbon and resin combinations to help dissipate heat at the exterior of the rim surface to enhance braking performance. Testing shows this reduces heat buildup by 53%, which keeps the inside of the rim much cooler than the exterior, essential for performance and safety. Proprietary Cryo-Blue Power brake pads are included with the wheelset and work in conjunction with the brake track to deliver the powerful, consistent braking while keeping things cool. Reynolds also works to keep you safe long term by adding a brake wear indicator line within the track at the valve hole on both sides of the rim. If the red line shows through, your rim must be replaced, and given the overall build quality, you may be using these wheels for years.

The high-quality alloy hubset that features smooth aero shapes of the machined alloy shells, super clean straight pull spoke access, and solid freehub engagement. Bearings are buttery smooth and durable long term. The rapid engagement freehub system is interchangeable, so you have options moving forward. Reynolds opted for the black stainless steel Sapim lightly bladed CX-Ray straight pull spokes. The internal nipples feature a hex head design for sure tensioning and truing under high force load. The front wheel has 16 spokes, laced radial, which disappear into both the rim and the hub. The rear features 20 spokes, and both sides are laced two cross for excellent even tension and rapid acceleration, while taking the sting out of rear wheel impact.


  • 46mm deep road wheelset ideal for race speed & overall performance
  • Impressive aerodynamics from DET techolnogy that holds air to rim to reduce drag
  • Reynolds PR6 rim construction with 6 specific carbon, resin and epoxy zones
  • CTg brake track and Power Blue brake pads combine for excellent power and control without excessive heat build up or fade
  • Rim spec: 16mm internal, 26.2mm external (widest point), 46mm profile
  • Reynolds Racing hubset with DT 240 internals
  • DT Aerolite black forged and anodized semi-bladed straight pull spokes
  • Hidden hex head internal nipples (require rim tape removal for access)
  • Front: 16 spokes, laced radial; Rear 20 spokes, laced 2x/2x
  • Includes: Rim tape, 100/130mm quick release skewers, Cryo-Blue Power brake pads
  • Scheme: Black decals on Carbon rim
  • Freehub: Shimano/SRAM 11
  • Weight: 1505g / set
Reg Price $2,499.00


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