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Mavic Allroad Elite Disc UST Front Wheel

The central design feature of the Elite wheels over the years has been the use of steel, double-butted, bladed spokes and the application of FORE drilling into the sealed Maxtal rim, for use with a special threaded insert that carries the spoke. This allows the Elite to run high tension, but still have a more supple ride than the aluminum spoke versions. The spokes also ride into the hubs, which retains the spokes in tension, but allows them to move (float) vertically when impact forces the rim to react strongly. This saves the rider, and the rim from damage. Largely for these reasons- performance, comfort, and durability, we love the Elite system Allroad Disc, as the riding can be rough, long, and far from home.

The Elite Allroad UST Disc rim pushes out to a 22mm internal width, capable of carrying 28-62mm tires. The hook design is that of the UST standard, and with the sealed rim design and the proper valve, UST tubeless set-up is easy. The rim structure is extruded from Mavic's lightweight, yet strong Maxtal alloy, then joined with the SUP welded and milled joint system. The FORE drilling and spoke nipple system is used, allowing for the sealed rim structure. Mavic employs the ISM 4D milling process to reduce as much material from the rim as possible without compromising strength, and now offers smooth features that contribute to improved rim aerodynamics. This disc specific rim is inherently strong and manages the high tension and rough roads you long to ride.

Mavic machines the stealthy, yet stout, Center Lock disc brake front hub from aluminum and equips them with oversized alloy axles and QRM+ series micro adjustable sealed cartridge bearings. The oversized axles allow for flexibility of dropout options, but this front wheel comes as 12/100mm TA front, and QR and 15mm TA parts are available separately. The Allroad Elite Disc Front Wheel features 24 spokes, laced 2x/2x. The wheel is laterally stiff, but forgiving vertically as the steeel spokes give a little at impact and the straight pull spoke end can move slightly in the hub flange receiver. The higher volume size tires the wheel is compatible with certainly take the edge off as well.

In fact, Mavic supplies a Yksion Elite Allroad XL UST tire in the 700x40mm size. The single compound tire features a fast rolling directional tread pattern and single durometer rubber, which is engineered for durability and ride quality. The giveaway here is the 120 TPI casing, which is protected by a flexible, but tough, cross woven, bead to bead, polymide breaker. Max pressure is 65psi, though generally you will be running less. Included is a bottle of Mavic's Tire Sealant for UST set-up. You can also run 28-42mm tires with tubes, and make sure you only run UST approved tire for tubeless use.

You get Mavic's UST sealant, the multi-function adjustment wrench, the UST valve, and instructions. The hub and decals have a grey-ish hue, and the rest of the wheel is black. As the road gets less traveled, you need a reliable wheel that doesn't compromise performance or ride quality so you can keep your eye on the horizon, then the next,


  • Allroad disc front wheel with UST capability, wider rims, adjustable bearings
  • Rim spec: 22mm internal, 26mm external, 21mm asymmetrical profile height
  • UST sealed rims built with Maxtal alloy, SUP welded/milled joint, FORE drilling/nipple system, ISM 4D machining, can carry tires 28-42mm wide
  • Hub machined from aluminum for Center Lock disc rotors, straight pull spokes, oversized alloy axle and microadjustable QRM+ (front), and self adjusting QRM Auto (rear) sealed cartridge bearings
  • Spokes are Mavic's proprietary steel, straight pull, double-butted spokes with FORE alloy integrated nipple
  • Wheel lacing is 2x/2x in the front, Isopulse radial drive, 2x non-drive rear
  • Hub can be used with a variety of optional Mavic endcaps for QR and TA use
  • Tire: Mavic Yksion Elite Allroad XL UST in 700x40mm, max 65psi, 120TPI, bead to bead polymide protection breaker
  • Mavic includes: stock 12/100 endcaps, UST tubeless valves, bottle of sealant, multi-function tool, UST instructions
  • 100mm QR endcaps available, 15mm TA requires axle and endcap replacements- all sold separately
  • Weight limit: 265lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 795 grams (wheel w/o tire)


Reg Price $382.00