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Mavic Allroad Pro UST Disc CL Front Wheel

When the roads are no longer smooth, or paved for that matter, having a front wheel and tire set-up you can trust and rely on is mandatory. Enter the Allroad Pro UST Disc CL Front Wheel. Of course, this wheel isn't just for gravel roads, but for any rider who wants a wider, high performance, UST tubeless disc road wheel. The 22mm internal rim width favors 28-42mm wide tires, so we can see these wheels being used effectively in cyclocross as well. Mavic's hub system on this front wheel comes as a 12/100mm thru-axle gives you the flexibility to run standard 9/100mm QR or a 15/100 TA,with the optional proper end caps. And it evolves from the Ksyrium Allroad, with all the accumulated technology and Mavic engineering you trust and respect.

The Allroad UST system was designed to be light, stiff, and strong, while providing excellent handling, instant acceleration, and powerful braking. While Ksyrium-type wheels have been known to be vertically stiff, the larger tire volume and straight pull hub and spoke configuration will help to lend vertical compliance The hub is more centered for dish and the crossing outer spokes are more accessible for replacement. Remember, despite it's allroad capabilities, this is still a high performance wheel. Mavic has taken the best of it's mountain and road technologies and developed a highly capable disc road set-up

The front wheel features 20 Zicral aluminum bladed spokes, attached to the disc specific Allroad Pro UST Disc rim. ISM 4 Dimension milling removes material in a patented concept that keeps the rim structure strong, but reduces rotating mass and, in conjunction with the wider rim width, improves overall aerodynamics. The low profile 21mm section rim is a superlight, incredibly strong, Maxtal extruded structure that is joined using the arc welded and milled SUP joint. FORE drilling keeps the spokes and the nipples on the outer surface. That leaves the rim bed smooth and completely intact and creates the ultimate UST tubeless interface.

Mavic's disc road front specific, machined aluminum hub employs the 20 Zicral bladed straight pull spokes, laced 2x/2x. This results in greater lateral stiffness at any wheel angle, and exceptional power transfer. The QRM+ micro-adjustable, sealed cartridge bearings feature double seals, are of very high quality and are ultra efficient, durable, and easy to replace. The disc interface is Center Lock, which gives you the simplest and most direct rotor mounting system, and can be used with CL rotors, or 6 Bolt style with an adapter.

If you haven't ridden it yet, you get the chance to ride Mavic's 120 tpi Yksion Elite Allroad UST tire, a 40mm gravel oriented tire that has been designed to deliver minimal rolling resistance and durability, but with solid grip and the extra puncture protection of a bead to bead polymide Guard breaker. The 120 tpi casing, solo compound tire rolls much smoother than it looks and offers great control on mixed terrain.

Put it all together and you realize just how much technology Mavic has developed and engineered over time and how it can come together to produce a class-leading wheel. We expect the Allroad Pro Disc CL Front Wheel to be hugely popular with riders who put performance first and have long experience with Ksyrium-style road wheel designs.


  • Disc specific allroad/gravel UST tubeless front wheel and tire set-up
  • Hub compatible with 12/100mm thru-axle (can be adapted 15/100 TA, 9/135 QR
  • Center Lock disc rotor interface (can be adapted to 6-bolt)
  • UST Disc rim features ISM 4D, FORE drilling/nipples, Maxtal alloy extrusion, SUP joint
  • Rim spec: 21mm profile, 22mm internal width, disc specific UST, tubeless
  • 20 light, stiff, strong Zicral spokes, laced 2x/2x
  • Carbon body front hub with bonded machined aluminum flanges, oversized alloy axle, QRM+ adjustable sealed cartridge bearings
  • Yksion Elite Allroad UST tire 700x40mm, 120 tpi, Guard bead to bead breaker
  • Includes: UST valve/acc, Manual, Mavic sealant and syringe, Multi-function tool
  • Tire width recommendation: 28-42mm
  • Front wheel weight: 730g (without tire)
Sale Price
Reg Price $540.00