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Stans NoTubes Arch MK3 Rim

The NoTubes Arch rim design has been a favorite of tubeless tire trail riders since it's inception. Just a bit heavier than the XC-oriented Crest, the Arch featured structural rigidity at the sacrifice of a few grams, delivering more rider confidence in the rough stuff and those sudden drops that can appear on unfamiliar trails. Now the MK3 release expands on the glory of the Arch EX, literally, by moving to a structure with a 26mm internal rim width to best carry tires from 2.25" to legit 2.5" models. This 24% increase in width is part of NoTubes WideRight concept, which has been developed to deliver the perfect width rims based on tire size and volume for riding requirements. In creating the new Arch MK3, NoTubes increased overall rim strength by 25% without any appreciable weight gains over the narrower Arch EX. How did they accomplish this?

The engineers started with a new proprietary alloy, 6069 aluminum. Light, easier to form, and offering incredible strength per weight in structural forms, the alloy enabled serious design capabilities in such a thin wall aluminum rim. NoTubes combined their short Bead Socket Technology (BST), the essential Arch shape, and WideRight design to develop a very shallow profile rim, at just 16mm. With the 26mm internal width, the external width sits at 29.3mm. The 29er rim comes in just over 450 grams, an astonishing weight for a wide rim, but just as we see with frame design, width and "oversized" structural forms have been proven quite capable. There is a rider weight limit of 230lbs, which will certainly carry the vast majority of trail riders.

NoTubes considers the Arch MK3 the perfect balance of weight and strength, and the rim structure provides more durability and fatigue resistance over heavy use. The wide, low profile shape is designed to roll faster, increase traction through better tire/surface interaction, and for tube users, reduce the chance of pinch flats. Still, since Stan pioneered his tubeless technology, NoTubes rims are known as the premier tubeless rim system on the market. BST creates a ideal seal with with most tubeless ready tires when used with proper sealant. The Arch MK3 rim requires NoTubes 27mm rim tape and you are recommended to use the Stan's 35mm Valve Stem with this shallow profile design.

With the trend towards wider tires for almost every trail use, NoTubes has developed rims to take full advantage and optimize the pairing of the correct rim width to match a specific range of tires for intended trail use. The ZTR Arch MK3 Disc Rim will no doubt be the preferred platform for Enduro and every day trail riders who prioritize grip, speed, and reliability from the leader in tubeless rim technology, Stan&s NoTubes.


  • The perfect balance of strength and weight in a width optimized tubeless trail rim
  • Low-profile shape rolls faster, lasts longer, and helps stop tire pinch flats
  • 24% wider than the Arch EX for improved stability with larger tires
  • 25% stiffer and stronger for improved handling and overall durability
  • Lighter and more durable rim shape from proprietary 6069 aluminum alloy
  • WideRight technology optimizes Arch ZTR MK3 for tires from 2.25-2.5" width
  • Enables maximum traction and control with minimal rolling resistance
  • Most trusted tubeless system for easy setup and low maintenance
  • Width: 26mm internal, 29.3mm external
  • Profile: 16mm
  • Rim tape required: Stan's 27mm
  • Suggested valve length: Stan's 35mm Tubeless valve
  • Hole count option: 28, 32 (Symmetrical drilling)
  • Wheel size: 27.5", 29"
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 453 grams (29er)


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