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Many seasons have passed since the introduction of DeFeet's Armskins arm warmer, and yet it remains virtually unchanged. And why change a good thing, this time tested winner performs in the field and is surprisingly durable. And we can define durable by saying that we have seen Armskins that are a decade old and look relatively unused and fresh.

The Armskin arm warmers feature a simple and effective dual-layer construction to optimize fit and performance. The outer layer is nylon for an exacting skin-like fit, while the inner layer is Coolmax. For those unfamiliar with the Coolmax textile, it doesn't get much better for moisture management. Coolmax is able to take your perspiration and quickly transfer it the outer layer of the garment. The layer next to your skin is now dry again and the moisture in the outer layer dries out quickly from exposure to the elements. Coolmax has many perforations for added air flow, ventilation and body temp regulation. The body of the Armskins also include 10% Elastane and 3% Lycra for optimal stretch that creates a garment that will effortlessly map your arm movements and make them feel like a natural extension of your skin.


  • Durable and reliable design
  • Dual-layer construction
  • Windproof and breathable
  • Perfectly packable
  • Coolmax optimizes moisture management
  • Comfortable seamless construction
  • StayFast knit cuff
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DeFeet Sizing Chart

US Mens5-99.5-13
US Womens8.5-10.511-13
Armskin Arm Warmers
UnisexUnder 5'9" & 165lbsOver 5'9" & 165lbs
Un D Shurt Base Layers


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