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Speedplay Base Plate Kit V.2

The new V.2 base plate is a running change/improvement and backward compatible. It does not affect compatibility or function with existing Zero, Light Action or X Series pedals. The new V.2 baseplates are black in color and used to mount Speedplay cleats to 3-hole road shoes. The V.2 base plates will be stamped with "V-2" on the flat side of all V.2 Base Plates. The new V.2 Snap-Shims have a new blue color and are named 5-F/5-R, 6-F/6-R, and Extra.

The Speedplay V.2 Base Plate Kit comes with two baseplates, two sets of snap shims, two extra shims and two sets of mounting hardware. The baseplates are attached to a 3-hole shoe with the included long (silver) or short (black). Speedplay also includes 8 new V.2 Cleat Fastening Screws that are visually distinct from pre-V.2 cleat fastening screws. The V.2 Cleat fastening screws are not continuously threaded up to the head of the screw. Instead, the threads of the screw stop mid-way up the screw shaft and then have a small, unthreaded section of the shaft continuing to the screw head.

This kit is perfect for anyone who wants to improve compatibility with the sole curvature of current road shoes without buying the whole cleatset. Also works for those who have lost a shim, but do not want to buy an entire new set of cleats. See the Speedplay shoe compatibility guide on the Speedplay website for official shim suggestions.


  • Includes two V.2 baseplates
  • Includes 2 sets of snap shims and two extra shims
  • Includes a set of long and short mounting screws
  • Includes 8 V.2 cleat fastening screws
  • Speedplay part number 14045

Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States

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