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Knog Blinder 1 Taillight Red LED USB Recharge

Knog rear LED compact lights are ideal for cyclists who want a little insurance, either in full daylight, or at the margins- dawn or dusk, when visibility is crucial for safety. Lightweight and easy to use, the LED Knog Blinder 1 Taillight is a perfect example. This five mode beauty has a max output of 11 Lumens and weighs only 15 grams. It has an integrated, weather proof USB interface for charging, and it's Li-Po battery can sustain run times of 2 hours on the max steady setting, or 11 hours in Eco-flash. The beam range is a max of 600 meters. This incredible compact taillight has a hard anodized aluminum fascia, wrapped with flexible silicone that extends into the integrated seatpost mount. The Blinder 1 is waterproof, impact resistant and has a red light low battery warning mode.

The LED bulb is extremely efficient and will not get hot. Charging time is 5 hours- easy to manage during the work day. Knog always nails the details and extras, and the Blinder 1's button has a "long press" on-off mode to prevent accidental use, with a quicker response to change modes while on. There is also a storage mode, which also protects against accidental use. The clean modern design, extensive features, quality construction, and impressive capabilities define Knog as a company, and the Blinder 1 is an excellent representative.


  • 11 Lumen Max compact red LED Taillight, fully integrated design with USB charging
  • Waterproof hard anodized aluminum body with silicone casing and bar strap system
  • Changeable face plates available, standard with spot-style included
  • Tool-less attachment for seatposts from 22-32mm diameter
  • USB interface is integrated into strap- completely weatherprooof
  • Lithium Polymer battery with built-in protection circuit, 5 hour charging time
  • Five run modes: Steady, Fast Flash, Organic Flash Slow, Organic Flash Fast, Eco-flash
  • Storage mode protects against accidental use
  • Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 33mm
  • Color: Black Spot Faceplate with black silicone body
  • Weight: 15g
Reg Price $29.95


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