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Lazer Bullet MIPS Helmet

Adding the best safety technology to any helmet is not only feasible, but highly desirable. Helmets don't need MIPS technology to pass any safety standards, but there are proven benefits that incur only a slight weight penalty to most helmet designs. So when speed and competition are your preferred approach to cycling, but safety is paramount, Lazer offers you the Bullet MIPS Helmet. For those who aren't up to date, MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) provides protection with respect to angled impacts. MIPS creates a sliding layer between the helmet and the head. This reduces the rotational force otherwise transmitted to the brain, duplicating and enhancing the brain's cerebrospinal fluid, which provides a natural version between the skull and brain. The system does not interfere or take away from any other technical features, safety aspects, comfort or design.

At first glance the Lazer Bullet MIPS road helmet is all about speed and aerodynamics. The sleek shape, sculpted design, and clean overall aesthetic makes the purpose of the helmet clear, but the Bullet offers far more than speed, with impressive ventilation, aerodynamic flexibility, and a more pure road helmet-like fit, all at a modest weight for an aero design. The key here is ventilation of course, which serves to keep a rider cool, dry, and safe as he or she powers up the road. Those characteristics are crucial because overheating, losing too much critical perspiration, and thus reducing performance and overall rider capability define the difference between winning and losing, as well as offering the capacity to recover for the next day. So maybe the Bullet MIPS really is all about speed, as efficiency and rider health are required for the maximum efforts that lead the race and win the sprint.

So how has Lazer managed this? You have to start with the shape and design, which went through test after test on the computer, in the lab, and on the road to generate an extremely aero efficient shell. The design creates a narrow shape with a small frontal area, creating the drop-like shape of the helmet. Most importantly the tail is smooth and tapered to keep the air off the back clean and low to the body- normally a very problematic area for helmets in general. That established, the ventilation had to be integrated. Lazer uses two distinct systems: 8 open vents that stay out of the wind yet allow minor flow and heat release, and the Airslide, a forward facing large vent with a slide that you can open and close as conditions and requirements merit. When open, the helmet loses some efficiency, but results in immediate airflow that circulates around and over the skull to refresh, dry, and cool quickly, whisking heat and moisture out the rear vents. Opening the vent also slides a louver system of 4 blades that sit under the hex grid design for even more airflow. When Airslide is closed, aerodynamics are at peak efficiency. It is easy for the cyclist to reach up and move the Airslide, yet the system will not open or close accidentally. This makes the Bullet MIPS optimal for warm or cool weather, and truly feasible on the hottest days. The system is well engineered and is about as quiet as any of the best venting systems.

Lazer is well regarded for their fit and retention system and in a sleek aero helmet every comfort is a necessity, not a luxury. The ATS dial system sits low to the back of the helmet structure for one hand adjustments while riding, and controls the Adjustable Head Basket that cradles the back of the skull. The basket is vertically adjustable so you can set the height and placement on the skull for the best fit and helmet angle. For old school Lazer fans the Adjustable Head Basket is used with the RollSys dial system on newer standard road helmets, and the ATS is an updated version of the older Turnfit dial. The final piece of the fit structure is the padding, a high density, lightweight, fast drying material with X-static antimicrobial fibers. These pads are easily hand washed and feel soft and smooth against the skin. When the basket is adjusted properly and the cable-actuated ATS dial is tensioned how you feel most comfortable and secure, the Bullet MIPS feels as natural as any helmet can.

With technology playing a vital role in today's training and racing plans, Lazer has developed the Bullet MIPS with integration at the forefront. The InMold EPS and polycarbonate shell construction is Inclination Sensor compatible, as well as LifeBEAM compatible. LifeBEAM is a monitoring system that has been converted from commercial and military use to be used as a training and measurement system for fitness activity. Safety is not set-aside, and the helmet construction, ATS and the strap system all serve to hold the Bullet in place and offer crash protection. The Bullet MIPS Helmet is also made in four sizes, so you don't have to compromise the starting point, as you do with many aero road helmets, but most cyclists with oval or narrower head shapes will find the proper fit, and advanced brain safety, with the Bullet MIPS.


  • Impressively aerodynamic road helmet with adjustable ventilation; advanced safety, superior fit and retention system
  • MIPS layer reduces the rotational force otherwise transmitted to the brain at impact
  • Advanced computer, wind tunnel and real life testing delivered the sleekest shape and overall design for the helmet and ventilation system
  • Excellent ventilation from 8 vents and Airslide front panel that can be easily adjusted while riding
  • ATS retention system delivers symmetrical tension via thumb roll dial at lower back of the structure
  • Triangular head basket system softly cradles skull at the rear, and is verticaly adjustable; X-static antimicrobial pads provide comfort
  • In-Mold EPS/Polycarbonate construction for strength, safety
  • Soft, wide nylon straps are easy to use and adjust, comfortable on skin
  • Lazer designed for integration with LifeBEAM and Inclination Sensor options
  • Meets or exceeds all US CPSC and EU CEN impact/safety requirements
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Matte White, Matte Black
  • Weight: 330 grams (Medium)
Reg Price $289.99
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Lazer Sizing Chart

Head Circumference52-56 cm / 20"-22"55-59 cm / 21.5"-23.5"58-61 cm / 22.5"-24"


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