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PowerTap C1 Chainrings

With the introduction of the C1 Chainrings PowerTap has covered every possible option for power measurement. This is by design, as the company decided to offer cyclists and triathletes the full spectrum of power meters across the bike and price points. With the G3 hub models, P1 pedals, the PowerCal HR, and now the C1 Chainrings there is no reason for a rider to go without power measurement. The dual side power measurement of the C1 system is the only such model in this price range, and the ease of install and use with an existing crankset will ensure popularity, especially with a mere 150-160 grams added.

These C1 chainrings are designed for most 110 bcd (compact) cranksets with 5 arm symmetrical crank spiders. With a compatible crankset simply remove your existing rings, install the C1 and you are ready to sync to a head unit. Transmission is via both Dual-Band ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart. The system is powered by the widely available (and easily swapped out) CR2013 watch style battery. The two rings are torqued together precisely at the factory, and you install the pair as a single unit. With a 200 hour average battery life, you won't be changing it often, but when you do, the process is simple with the crankset mounted on the bike, using a 2.5mm Allen hex wrench on the sensor faceplate. FSA makes the chainrings for PowerTap, so you know the quality and shifting will be excellent.

The sensitive gauges of the C1's measure power input from both left and right legs, aggregating the measurements of both legs. Depending on the head unit or app you use, you can see detailed leg specific data, as well as the standard power metrics like TSS, Normalized Power, etc, as well as all bike data: speed, cadence, distance, etc. PowerTap recommends using their Joule GPS+ and PowerTap Mobile App, but there are several popular options for both hardware and software that can handle the dual-sided data and help you work on improving your threshold, endurance and balancing with recovery. The C1 system has the same Auto Zero and Manual Zero start feature as the G3 hub- a [proven technology that quickly calibrates in the first minute of pedaling.

A couple of quick notes about the C1 chainrings. The tooth profile is for 11 speed drivetrains, but works with most 10 speed as well. Current Shimano 11 speed cranksets: 5800, 6800, 9000, are NOT compatible due to the asymmetrical spider. Some cranks, like the Rotor 3D+ (aero), have the correct 110 bcd 5 arm pattern, but due to shaping or design do not work. Please check the charts in the photos above carefully for compatibility. Two charts are pictured- compatible and incompatible as of October 2015 release. Last- the technology age brings changes fast and furious, and the C1 has been built to accommodate over-the-air firmware updates, and that process will be detailed in your owners manual

Tech details and hardware/software compatibility across brands is in constant flux. If you aren't sure if the C1 will work optimally with your existing head unit, query the head unit manufacturer first, as those folks will know not only what works, but what also what firmware updates are coming. Do your due diligence. We think the the applicability, cost, and exceptional level of aggregating data from both sides of the body will make the C1 a great choice for intermediate or sport cyclists and triathletes who have a budget, but can really benefit from real, effective power training data to get more out of their cycling experience.


  • Integrated chainring combinations built with Powertap power meter
  • Measures input from both legs and aggregates power data
  • Dual-Band ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart transmission systems
  • Easy to sync with any compatible head unit, simplest with Joule GPS+
  • Head units and software with individual side data will show complete breakdown
  • Unit is compatible with many popular 110 bcd compact cranksets
  • Simple install after removal of existing rings, with five T30 Torx chainring bolts
  • Many excellent install, service and compatibility videos on PowerTap website
  • CR2032 battery provides about 200 hours of use, easy to change
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates
  • FSA made chainrings are compatible with most 11, 10 speed systems
  • Replacement chainrings will be available by 2016
  • Color: Black
  • Options: 39-53. 36-52
  • Weight: Adds about 150-160 grams to cransket after ring swap

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