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Zipp CeramicSpeed Bearing Kit 61903

Looking to upgrade your Zipp 177 rear hub bearings? Partnering with CeramicSpeed, Zipp offers this pair of 61903 hybrid sealed cartridge bearings to give you the reduced friction and faster, easier rolling speed of high quality ceramic bearings. With measurable savings of 1.5-9 watts (loads of variables), they’re the ultimate complement to the race proven speed of 177 hub-equipped rear Zipp Firecrest wheels.

When every watt saved is a watt that matters to you, investing in the lowest resistance hybrid ceramic (ceramic balls and steel races) available will pay off in performance results. The variance in watt savings is dependent on several variables, such as the condition and type of your existing bearings, but without a doubt 1.5w can be the difference between a podium placement or an age group personal best. Zipp and CeramicSpeed also includes a grease syringe for refreshing the grease in your bearings. This is a necessary process for ceramic-equipped sealed cartridge bearings. The grease is a special formulation for these CeramicSpeed balls and the syringe comes preloaded with almost 6ml of grease, which will last through numerous services.


  • One pair of hybrid steel/ceramic cartridge bearings for Zipp rear 177 hub axle
  • Lowest resistance hybrid ceramic (ceramic balls and steel races) available
  • With measurable savings of 1.5 - 9 watts
  • Includes syringe with 6ml of specific ceramic grease
  • Ceramic bearings require regular grease refreshment
  • Sold as a pair of 61903 sealed cartridge bearings
  • To also replace the 177 freehub bearings, you need the 61803 size
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