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Speedplay Cleat Screws V.2 24-Pack

This 24 pack of screws is great for the heavy-duty Speedplay user. Great to have extra screws on hand to replace missing screws or screws with damaged heads. V.2 Cleat Fastening Screws are visually distinct from pre-V.2 cleat fastening screws. The V.2 Cleat fastening screws are not continuously threaded up to the head of the screw. Instead, the threads of the screw stop mid-way up the screw shaft and then have a small, unthreaded section of the shaft continuing to the screw head. These screws are pre-Loctited and should be tightened to a maximum of 2.5Nm/22 inch-pounds. It also to re-check the torque after the first few rides.


  • Includes 24 V.2 cleat 4x12mm fastening screws
  • Pre-Loctited
  • Speedplay part number 14050

Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States



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Posted on 7/5/2014

ordered these without checking the size I needed, like an idiot. I don't know what shoes take an m4 bolt, but they are certainly not mountain bike shoes. I'm trying to source some m5 x 9mm bolts now with the head profile speedplay frogs require and its a nightmare. use locktite so you don't lose those precious bolts because shimano bolts don't work!

Pros they are what they say they are

Cons they do not fit speedplay frogs