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Morgan Blue Competition Campa Grease

Most good shops normally have a selection of different greases and pastes aimed at different applications. Morgan Blue's Competition Campa grease is designed for lighter applications that require high glide capacity. Some refer to this type of grease as special grease.

Campa has a light consistency and a smooth texture which makes it a joy to apply. It's fortified with polymers and other additives to achieve low-friction and high glide capacity. Beyond lubrication, Campa has strong anti-corrosion properties to lengthen the lifespan of expensive components and bearing assemblies. The natural, but slight tackiness of the grease gives solid adhesion to metal surfaces, which provides excellent spread and coverage. Available in 200ml or 1000ml containers, Campa grease is a professional trade product and a must for any shop.


  • Smooth and consistent formula
  • Fortified with polymers
  • High glide capacity
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Extends life of expensive parts
  • Your best grease
  • Sizes: 200ml, 1000ml

Morgan Blue is the most widely used range of products used in the European Pro Peloton. We first learned of it when some local mechanics returned home after a European tour. Word quickly spread and it is the new standard for many of our shop personnel.

Reg Price $69.00