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POC DO Half Blade AVIP

POC developed the AVIP system to promote safety for road cyclists and has offered the DO Half Blade in the AVIP line-up. The acronym stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection and the orange color of the AVIP products certainly stands out. This initiative is a substantial effort by the Swedish company to draw attention (in multiple ways) to the serious issue of road safety for cyclists. The complete line of AVIP products is eye catching, as is the investment in product, promotion, and research/ development.

Most of us expect quality cycling glasses to do three things (in some order of personal importance). First is protect our eyes from sun and road matter. Second is keep direct air flow from affecting vision without fogging up. Third is provide optics that enhance, not distort. The POC DO Half Blade checks all three boxes with ease, and this distinct eyewear offers much more. The attention to detail, materials, and functionality throughout is exemplary, as we have come to expect from POC.

Design wise, the DO Half Blade is quite similar in style to the DO Blade, but without the full frame-wrap around the lens. The smooth curve of the frame and lens shape provides excellent scope of frontal and peripheral vision, and for those who prefer the open lens bottom, a smooth transition to the ground level view. Functionally the piece is otherwise the same as it's full frame sibling. The injection molded Grilamid frame material is strong yet flexible and light, and the hydrophilic rubber used in the adjustable nose piece and temple grippers hold the frame securely in place. No bouncing in rough conditions. The frame has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the POC Octal helmet, but actually works well with many helmet models.

POC places a strong emphasis on optics. The interchangeable Zeiss-produced lenses enhances contrast and offers sharp distinction of surface and surrounding conditions on the road or trail. The various vented, polycarbonate lens options offer differing degrees of Visible Light Transmission (VLT), and Ripel treatment keeps fog, dirt, and grime off the lens, while allowing water to bead up and run off. The lens won't shatter and is as scratch resistant as possible with the polycarbonate material.

Fashion and function go hand and hand in the cycling world, which inspires some interesting design. With the DO series Blade eyewear, POC has created a distinct look that is truly functional. These inspired desired further advance shield-style eyewear, check off all the requirements, and are beautifully made with exceptional materials.


  • AVIP series lightweight eyewear with an open-bottom frame and superior optics
  • Injection molded Grilamid frame is light and flexible
  • Hydrophilic rubber temple pieces and adjustable nose piece
  • Polycarbonate lenses by Zeiss provide exceptional contrast and clarity
  • Ripel anti-fog treatment keeps moisture, dirt and grime off lens
  • Smoke lens supplied with all frames except Uranium Black
  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Designed to integrate perfectly with POC Octal helmet
  • VLT %: Violet 28.4%, Violet/Light Silver (VLS) 16.5%
  • Weight: 31 grams


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