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Minoura DS-2100 Bicycle Storage Stand

Minoura's DS-2100 bike storage stand (also referred to as the "Tancho Esse") is one of the most versatile and innovative single bike stands produced. This single bike stand stores one bike in three different positions: two horizontal and one vertical. Horizontally, with front wheel in the wheel cradle or rear wheel in the wheel cradle and vertically hung by the front wheel with the rear wheel resting in the wheel cradle. The rack is well built and super-stable when a bike is mounted in any of the positions.

If you own a bike, then you most likely need a storage solution. The DS-2100 offers the easiest way possible to store a bike in different options to meet different space requirements. The wheel cradle is adjustable to any wheel diameter to ensure you get a tight fit for rack stability. When a bike is mounted in the rack in any of the positions, it is a stable and snug fit. It is light and easy to move around and breaks down if you need to store it. Many riders with multiple bikes will purchase a few DS-2100s and line them up for multiple bike storage. The stand also doubles as a cleaning station when in the vertical position. No matter what way you slice it the DS-2100 is a superb product in terms of quality and design and is an asset to any rider who needs a storage solution.


  • Three storage positions
  • Stable with small footprint
  • Works will all bikes of all sizes
  • Quality construction
  • Ultimate in space efficiency
  • Made in Japan

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