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Pioneer Dura-Ace 9000 Single Leg Power Meter

Interbike 2018: Pioneer and Wahoo have just announced collaboration for data sharing of existing and new Pioneer Power Meters and ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT Cycling Computers. When the firmware update for those head units is released in October, there will be full functionality. Once you update the Pioneer and Wahoo firmware and software you will be able to see Pioneer's advanced power metrics and Pedaling Monitor mode readouts directly on the listed ELEMNT computers. This was previously only available on Pioneer head units. Pioneer will also have a new head unit, the CA600, available soon that will be a massive improvement over the CA500 model, and Pioneer's CycloSphere app, released just last year, has been newly updated as well. There are other changes (BLE and more) coming with Pioneer’s new power meters (not available yet) and when we have the final information and availability we will post new item descriptions. As of 10/1/2018 the ELEMNT firmware update is available, but the BOLT version is not.

If you are running a Dura-Ace crankset and want to start training with power measurement as quickly and easily as possible, you need the Pioneer Dura-Ace 9000 Single Leg Power Meter. If you already have a Garmin or other head unit with ANT+ , you will be up and running in less than 15 minutes. Renowned electronics manufacturer Pioneer has been engaged with with cycling through the development of power measurement tools. The company has been a prominent sponsor and partner of several pro cycling teams, with the result that Pioneer's Power Meter has become highly regarded for it's accuracy, depth of data development, and overall quality. The system has been designed to be specifically integrated with Shimano's 11 speed cranksets. All you do is remove your left crank arm, install the Pioneer equipped arm, sync to an ANT+ head unit, and you are ready to start training with power.

The original Pioneer two side system has strain gauges in both right and left arms of the crankset. The two leg data allows for exceptional analysis of right and left leg power output, as well as definitive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses within the pedal stroke itself. Now Pioneer is offering a more cost effective way for Shimano crank users to get started with power training with a single leg version. This is a left (non-drive) Dura-Ace 9000 crank arm with the power measurement device installed. You have the option of upgrading your right side crank down the road, but you get all the standard power measurement data, and the ability to sync with any ANT+ head unit for data collection.

Pioneer has it's Power Meter measure power every 30°, or twelve times every full crank revolution. The strain gauge is very sensitive device, and accuracy is within +/-2%. However, within those 12 points, Pioneer also scans those pedaling forces an incredible 16 times, for an unbelievable 192 data points each rotation of the crank. A comprehensive analysis of power throughout the stroke is possible, allowing the user to truly evaluate how to improve both power and efficiency through balancing the right/left leg effort. Pioneer offers their HD Power Metrics with Pedaling Monitor Mode when using a Pioneer head unit, which gives real time pedal stroke measurement. The data itself is collected regardless, but a private ANT connection is used with the Pioneer head unit. You still get a basic breakdown of efficiency and all standard power data options with an ANT+ head unit: power, average power, % of FTP, power within zone, training intensity, normalized power and all normal cycling stats- speed, cadence, distance, time, temp, etc.

The Single Leg unit has two accelerometers to measure and compute cadence. All you have to do to get your bike set- up is to remove your left side Dura-Ace crank arm, install the Pioneer modified arm, then sync to your head unit. The unit itself is built into the arm, and adds only 22 grams of total weight. A CR2032 battery powers the transmission for over 180 hours of use, and is easily accessible for replacement. The sensor ID is located on the crank arm, which makes pairing simple. The general set-up and zero process is straightforward and similar to other power systems. Pioneer provides excellent instructions and support. You can upload your data files via Strava, Training Peaks, etc., and Pioneer has their own free, cloud-based Cyclo-Sphere software that allows the user to really dig down in the data and allows the user to customize analysis and reporting dashboards. The program may not have the ease of today's app-based culture, but the sheer flexibility and usability of the reporting interface is actually impressive and data nerds will rejoice.

Get started with this Pioneer Dura-Ace 9000 Single Leg Power Meter, and learn how to improve as a cyclist through power measurement. You can develop strength, leg to leg balance, pedal stroke efficiency, and learn how best to train and recover to maximize your potential for under $900. And it you decide to truly explore ultimate power measurement and analysis, you can upgrade your drive-side crank arm, and use a Pioneer GPS head unit for the ultimate real-time pedal stroke information.


  • Single leg power measurement from electronics experts at Pioneer
  • Left side Dura-Ace 9000 crank arm has been modified with power pod, adds 22 grams
  • Simply replace your left side arm, sync with head unit, zero and go
  • Strain gauge and dual accelerometers within fixed pod
  • Water and weather proof casing protects electronics
  • Powered by single CR2032 battery, which is easily accessed for replacement
  • Transmission by ANT+ for non-Pioneer ANT head units
  • Private ANT channel used for Pioneer head units
  • Advanced HD Power Metrics only available with Pioneer head units
  • Measures and collects data throughout the pedal stroke every 30°, 16 times, for 192 data points in each full pedal revolution
  • Accurate to within +/- 2%, can be calibrated for varying temperatures and elevations
  • Ability to upload data to most commonly used programs and Pioneer's customizable cloud-based web program
  • Pioneer Item# SGY-LT90
  • Crank arm lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, 177.5mm, 180mm
Reg Price $629.99


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